Friday, April 23, 2010

LCG and That Spanking Report

I am sorry to report this but LCG has also promoted this story.

Study: Spanked Children May Grow Up to Be Happier, More Successful – Children's Health –

This LCG Youth article cites this Fox News report.

It concerns the same scientific study which PCG cited earlier from another report by a pro-life website.

I must say LCG is more honest in their presentation of this report than PCG was. As QuesterUK commented, PCG neglected to mention some of the caveats towards spanking which were made in the post PCG cited. LCG includes some of those qualifications here. Such as this:

"But children who continued to be spanked into adolescence showed clear behavioral problems."

If only such things were shown on the headline.

Now I am not dogmatic on this issue. I am sure that there is a time and a place for physical punishment. However such things should not be encouraged by the leadership, lest overzealous parents get too used to solving problems in that harsh manner.

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