Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pack, Nostradamus and HWA

Here's Pack on Nostradamus. Did God Send Nostradamus?

In this article Pack identifies Nostradamus as a false prophet because of his failed predictions.

"It is widely acknowledged that many of Nostradamus' prophecies failed. One author outlined five:

"(1) Venice would have great power and influence by 1792. False.

"(2) The Catholic clergy would fall in 1609. False.

"(3) Persecution would arise against the Catholic Church in 1792. False.

"(4) Astrologers would be persecuted in 1607. False.

"(5) And China would subdue the northern part of the world by 1700. False....

"These events clearly did not happen. Based on number and seize of failures, Nostradamus is a particularly poor prophet. Among false prophets he falls into extra false."

But what about Herbert W. Armstrong's false prophecies?

HWA preached from 1953 onwards that the Great Tribulation would begin in 1972 and Christ will return in 1975.

Predictions based on this false prophecy are clearly evident in many writings produced by the Radio/Worldwide Church of God in the 1950s and 1960s.

HWA predicted that Christ would return in 1936. (See page 3.)

HWA predicted that Mussolini was the Beast who would fight Christ at His coming.

HWA predicted that Hitler was the Beast.

These facts are deceitfully hidden by HWA who never mentions these things in his Autobiography. He remembers to tell us such obscure things as the fact that he first heard of Pearl Harbor while on his first flight, yet deceitfully refuses to make any mention of the fact that he taught fear inducing false prophecies in that book.

HWA predicted that Christ would return by 2005 in his last book, Mystery of the Ages, the book which so many in the COGs so highly regard. (Those words were removed in PCG's version. See page 3 onwards.)

HWA predicted that Marxist Leninist Communism would sweep through Asia, take over India, outlast the USA and only come to an end a few years after Christ's return.

"But Communism, prophecy indicates, will continue to make gains in the East-Probably in Indo-china, Malaya [wrong], Japan [wrong], India [wrong]. For more than ears [sic] I have been telling the radio audiences that Communism will engulf and control the manpower of the yellow races by the time of the swift-approaching crisis of world upheaval." (HWA, 1975 in Prophecy, section 'Germans Pioneered Nuclear Development'.)

HWA predicted that the 200 million strong army would be Communists.

"The sixth of these punishing plagues will be a military invasion of Europe by the Communist forces from Russia and the Orient. By that time, the Red Armies of Russia, China and allies will number TWO HUNDRED MILLION!" (HWA, 1975 in Prophecy, section 'The Terrible DAY OF THE LORD'.)

HWA made many other predictions which simply did not happen.

It is quite say Based on number and seize of failures, [HWA] is a particularly poor prophet. Among false prophets he falls into extra false.

These false prophecies prove according to Dave Pack's own standard that Herbert W. Armstrong is a false prophet.

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