Friday, April 30, 2010

Pack Goes After UCG Members

Just saw this from Mr. Gavin Rumney, Scavenger Stalks UCG.

Dave Pack has sent an open letter to UCG ministers and members encouraging them to join his group.

To any UCG member considering leaving UCG over what has happened (or any other reason) here's some free advice.

Be very weary of this. Many seem to be highly agitated over what happened. Pack is taking advantage of this turmoil to convince more people to become members and pay tithes to him. And that includes the third tithe.

By all reports it is more dictatorial than UCG. While UCG operates by committee Pack is firmly committed to one man dictatorship. There is even less avenues of dissent in his than in UCG.

Once this group even tried to ban blogging, except for business reasons. Thankfully they backpedled on this due to widespread revulsion. But that is the sort of group you will have to deal with if you join.

Pack presents himself as perfectly following HWA's WCG. This is not true.

He has added his own distinctive doctrines, such as teaching that he is an Apostle.

He even teaches that he is the Angel (Messenger) of Laodicea, as HWA was the Angel of Philadelphia, thus unconsciously imitating Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Watchtower Cult (Jehovah's Witnesses) who was also claimed to hold that title as it is written on his tombstone which declares Russell to be "The Laodicean Messenger".

Pack contradicts HWA's WCG concerning the King of the South. It is a clear fact that HWA's WCG taught that there is to be a future King of the South. This has been taught since 1963 at least, as LCG apologist Bob Theil shows here. Also see this 1979 Plain Truth article by Keith Stump which also states this. Pack his contradicted HWA on this matter by insisting that the King of the South was fulfilled with Ethiopia under Haile Selassie and that there will be no future fulfillment. He does not teach HWA's doctrine on this matter.

Furthermore he has a reputation as a particularly demanding minister. As early as 1985 Dave Pack was noted as a particularly demanding minister. Even then he had provoked some congregation members to write a twelve page letter insisting that he was conducting a 'reign of terror'.

His overbearing attitude has not changed through time. Observe what is said about him from a former colleague of his based on experiences dating 1993-5:

"Dave Pack has been a wolf in shepherd's clothing and should not be any kind of minister or servant among the people of God....I base this conclusion on direct personal experience and the testimony of dozens of witnesses....

"to those he opposes, he seems to have an unending ability to recall minute details of years-old conversations and twist them into the greatest of sins. Many witnesses claim that he simply made up lies about them and spread them to others in a most believable fashion. Several people have specifically said that they did exactly what Dave Pack asked-unjust as they thought it was-only to be disfellowshipped for it later....

"Soon, complaints of Dave Pack's abuse began to make their way into the GCG office. He disfellowshipped far more members than any other GCG minister. Dave Pack asked me (head of the computer department) for names and addresses of people outside of his own area of responsibility. After I refused to give him any special treatment, he began telling Rod Meredith that he needed another computer manager who would get the ministerial reports out on time. (None of the other ministers complained about receiving late reports-Mr. Meredith assured us that he knew that it was one of our lower priorities and that he was not taking Pack's threats seriously)....

"When I left the Global Church of God and started Servants' News in 1995, I probably heard as many abuse complaints about Dave Pack as I heard about all other ministers put together. They are recorded as hundreds of pages of call logs, letters, e-mails, etc."

And then there was the time in 2007 he demanded RCG members to hand over assets worth tens of thousands of dollars in a widely condemned and vicious exploitation of his followers.

Let the UCG members beware.

Be wary of Dave Pack.

Many UCG members are going through a hard time. Be careful. Don't act rashly and just take his offer. Don't rush yourselves into a decision you might regret.


  1. It is interesting what is going on with UCG. They are the lukewarm Laodicean church. They were all given the opportunity to become hot but they rejected it in 2009. When you have some spare time read the Gospel truth and a fulfillment of the promise God made to Eve of the coming kingdom of God to be revealed at the heel of time by a woman (Gen 3:15).The bruising of Satan is taking place, the turning of the hearts of the fathers to the children is taking place at the power of God is restored

  2. I have noticed that the COG cults have the spirit of competition. One sheepherder steals from another. It is like a game of Monopoly

    I do think that they should get together with a bottle of Jack Daniels and settle this once and forever!!!
    Times are tough and they are going to get tougher. The time to battle for the almighty dollar is NOW!