Thursday, April 29, 2010

RCG Press Release on Hutaree Militia

RCG's been paying attention. On April 4 RCG released a press release disavowing any connection with the Hutaree militia.

"Regrettably, some have fostered the impression that The Real Truth is affiliated with a dangerous militia group, or advocates violence. Even a cursory sampling of Real Truth articles or a perusal of RCG’s website demonstrate that this is a gross mischaracterization of The Restored Church of God and The Real Truth."

I never did that. I never imagined that there was such a connection. It is clear that Hutaree did not seriously follow COG doctrines, a point I made in both previous Hutaree articles. For instance most COGs, including RCG, are strict pacifists, a practice of theirs which stems from the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Hutaree also linked to other Christian websites which are unrelated to Armstrongism, as I stated earlier, further showing how unrelated Hutaree is from RCG or other COGs.

There is one paragraph from this press release that I would like to bring up:

"RCG is neither a “Fundamentalist” nor “Evangelical” church. The Restored Church of God is non-proselytizing [Nonsense. It does proselytize.] and non-denominational [It is part of a religious movement that originates with Herbert W. Armstrong, whose distinctive and heretical teachings are often called Armstrongism.], and not affiliated with any other group. We do not actively solicit funding [Members are required to pay three tithes], and our materials are offered free of charge in the public interest."

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  1. Just like an Armstrongite false prophet to exaggerate what was said and the number of people saying it. Pack's not the only one who does it, Weinland says "some" when it's only one who might have said something a little bit like what they're talking about.

    Unless there's another blog somewhere that talked about the Hutaree in the terms Pack described.