Thursday, January 6, 2011

PCG Discussing The UCG Split

PCG's Stephen Flurry has written a column discussing the UCG split, entitled The United Church of God and the Evils of 300-Man Rule.

In this column Stephen Flurry insists that David Hulme and Roderick Meredith disregarded how HWA governed WCG thus disqualifying them as true Christians. Stephen Flurry completely ignores these comments which were made by his father in a sermon he made on November 1, 2003 in which Gerald Flurry implies that the immanent end of this world will necessitate a change in government:
I think God is saying alright, NOW LET’S CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT TO FIT THE TIMES!” Here we are in a time of no more delay. We’re in the last hour, and I think Christ is saying ‘NOW I WANT YOU TO RISE UP AND I WANT YOU TO RUN THIS THING DIFFERENT THAN THE WAY IT WAS DONE IN THE PAST.”
Furthermore Stephen Flurry speaks of Hulme and Meredith as deviating from HWA's teachings. It must be remembered here that PCG has altered HWA's writings, including Mystery of the Ages, a book which PCG's lawyer in the court case with WCG said HWA was inspired by God and which cannot be rewritten.

PCG has rewritten Mystery of the Ages. Here it is.

If one bears these facts in mind one is struck by how utterly hypocritical Stephen Flurry's assumed righteous stance is.

Let us see what he has to say.
Today, both Meredith and Hulme head up two spin-offs of WCG offshoots. All totaled, there must be at least 100 offshoots of what once was the Worldwide Church of God. [There's actually far more.-Redfox.]

It makes you wonder: How many failed experiments with collaborative government will it take for former members of the Worldwide Church of God to wake up and figure out where God is working today?
Did you see that? He's deceptively implied that each and every one of the other COGs tried to use a different manner of Government ("collaborative government") contrary to HWA's example. That is absurd. Many COGs practice one man rule just as HWA did.

But PCG members won't know that. Because the other COGs are constantly denounced by PCG ministers as "Laodiceans" who will be doomed to suffer in the Great Tribulation many PCG members will not see that this accusation of Flurry's (that every other COG practices a deviant form of Government) is completely wrong and even deceptive.
Meanwhile, the one organization that actually started the right way—as a tiny mustard seed planted in 1989, without any of the best-known former ministers of the WCG or their many thousands of supporters, but with God’s government
How is PCG's any different from that of any other COGs which have one dominant leader? This accurately describes just about all of them, aside from UCG.

The method of rule employed by HWA within WCG from about 1953 onwards was one man rule. Many other COGs also employ this method of organization. Stephen Flurry highlights these two instances (Hulme 1995-8 and Meredith 1993-8) in order to deceptively insinuate that every other COG somehow employ a different method of government.

This is a bold lie.

Insinuating that every other COG has a different form of government is a lie carefully crafted to subtly persuade unsuspecting readers to believe that only PCG is a legitimate continuation of HWA's work.

But he can get away with such bold lies. Stephen Flurry knows that if any PCG member complains that he is not speaking the truth about this matter, then that person can simply be disfellowshiped from PCG and forbidden to contact PCG members.

PCG uses "God's government" as a euphemism for PCG rule. PCG wishes to be the only true church and so every other COG is denounced as corruptions of WCG. PCG members are actually forbidden from having any contact with any member of WCG or its offshoots, even if they are close family members. Unsuspecting readers would have no idea that this is demanded of those who wish to submit themselves to what PCG deceptively calls "God's government" (which is actually PCG rule).

As far as I can see many COGs employ one man rule just as HWA's WCG did. UCG is very much the exception.

To insinuate, to state, that every other COG employs a different form of government from that of HWA's WCG is simply a lie to deceive people.

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  1. A very good analysis of the sad state of affairs. Mind-control is kept alive in the offshoots of the WCG...