Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Guy who Wishes He Could Slap Women in Public

Recently I saw this little video: British salafi Abu Mounisa - The Islamic Awakening Conference in which the speaker calls for democracy, capitalism, etc, to be beheaded and replaced by Islam.

Please watch the video first if you can. It's more fun that way.

For those of you who were unable to watch it in the video you will hear some Muslim activist of some sort saying we (his kind of Muslims, he means) need to uproot and behead democracy, capitalism, etc, and replace it with Islam.

In one curious section (around 4:20) he cited how one of the Caliphs was in the street in Medina and slapped a woman for dressing inappropriately and rebuked her for that.

The speaker in the video complains that he can't do that today. (Oh! So you think you should act like the Caliph.)

Now if I was Muslim (which I'm not) my response would be something like this: he's the Caliph. The ruler of the realm.

In contrast the speaker in the video above is just some guy. I'm pretty sure that sort of behavior could actually be punished by the state as some kind of assault.

My heart goes out all the reasonably minded Muslims, who I am sure are not like him at all, who are forced to endure the fear and hostility which is unfortunately provoked by people like the speaker in this video.

Just because you share the same religion as that Caliph does not mean you can act like him.

He had an army. You do not. He ruled over a vast empire. You are just some guy.

Man, he needs to really rethink his attitude towards women.

Hey, did that rant just remind you of anyone?

Hey, that's what Herbert W. Armstrong suggested in his "Women's Dress Ruling concerning too short and too tight skirts, and extra-low-neck dresses" in the September, 1962, Good News, pp. 9, 16.

In this infamous article HWA states that seeing inappropriately dressed makes him so mad he feels they deserve a "sound spanking" or to be called a "common prostitute." (p. 9, middle column, paragraphs 4-6.)

Well, there you have it. No wonder his attitude struck us the wrong way. He is talking like Herbert W. Armstrong.

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