Thursday, January 27, 2011

PCG's Inept Advice on Surviving the Recession

In the latest Philadelphia Trumpet the writers have included a list of advice for those undergoing this dreadful recession: Penny-Saving Tips.

Reducing tithes is not mentioned at all, but considering that that is PCG's source of income this is sadly unsurprising.

Presumably this is written by someone employed by the Philadelphia Church of God from their main income, tithes provided by their members. I have to ask would such people really know how to survive during this recession?

There are some advice I cannot disagree with but some of their advice makes me rather suspicious at the writer(s) skill in dealing with this issue.

Let's see what they have to say.
  • Walk or bike when possible—it’s healthier.
I won't discussing the walking advice but I must speak about biking on the roads.

Frankly I feel that people biking on the road are in a position of danger. Roads, alas, are made for cars, not bicycles, not even motorbikes, but cars. I feel that in too many circumstances it may be too dangerous use a bike on the road. I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of making such a change to take their personal safety into consideration when making such a decision.
  • Cut out Internet use. When you need to “search the Net,” use the public library.
This piece of advice strikes me as ignorant of modern conditions. I would like to share this story from a struggling substitute teacher posted on the leftist community blog, DailyKos:

The internet IS a basic need for many working poor who want to stay working.
I have seen too many post [sic] with comment [sic, and so on throughout] the likes of "if you can afford to have Internet ... you're not really poor." I have had similar things said to me about the fact that I have a cell phone.... [It is] my one and only way to find work and try to get out of poverty ... there has never been a time I did not have internet access and a cell phone. Why? Because I have to work. ...

I have worked summers on an on call temp job. If you are called and do not answer the phone immediately the job goes to someone else. This leaves two options, sit by the phone all day and ignore your family or have a cell phone.

I have found two of my jobs while living over an hour away. I found them through the internet also, they were not posted in newspapers or on local job boards and I would never have found them without looking online. ...

I know that if I did not have internet and a cell phone I would not have had ANY of the jobs I have had since I finished my undergraduate education. ...

Internet is NOT a luxury for many of the working poor. Having a working heater, door handle, window, etc in my car is a luxury I cannot afford right now, but having the means to find work in the internet age is a necessity.
So PCG's advice on this matter strikes me as painfully ignorant of the current situation of many of the poor.

It also must be noted that PCG have actively discouraged members from getting to used to the Internet, as seen in Andrew Locher's infamous Facebook sermon when he demonized Facebook as a tool of the Devil best to be avoided. PCG did this in order to better enforce their infamous No Contact rule against ex-members and members of the other COGs.

If PCG were really concerned about their members' financial welfare they would relax the tithing rules. But, alas, they will not do that.

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  1. I walk in my neighborhood all the time -- good exercise, indeed! And thankfully, the Career Center (unemployment office) is a 12-minute walk away. I've made that trip often over the last 20 months, while searching for new employment.

    I have home Internet service for $15 a month -- and have used it in applying for jobs, through a variety of websites. One hour at a time at the library puts you "under the gun" time-wise to fill out some applications.