Thursday, January 27, 2011

xHWA on Armstrongism's Distorted Dogmas of History

xHWA has produced an excellent blog, A Pattern of Dishonest Documentation.

It details how one columnist in LCG quotes the Encyclopedia Britannica, and then xHWA checks the source and discover that it does not present information quite exactly how the LCG columnist presents it.

He has also written Is Valentines Day the Lupercalia? Here he presents evidence everyone of us who had any kind of association with Armstrongism needs to read that the origins of this day are not how Armstrongites have taught it. It is a fascinating read.

Alas, I cannot help but agree that this sort of thing happens all the time in the world of Armstrongism. In 1999 John Ogwyn wrote an article stating that Herbert W Armstrong was a marvelous foreseer of the fall of the Iron Curtain by quoting some articles he wrote in 1952 and 1956.

John Ogwyn deceptively ignored the countless other failed speculations HWA made, that Christ would return in 1936, that Mussolini, then Hitler was the Beast who would be slain by the returning Christ outside Jerusalem, that Christ would return in 1975, in Mystery of the Ages HWA predicted Christ to return by 2005 at the latest, that the Soviet Union would last several years after the return of Christ, and countless other false predictions.

Alas resorting to such omission of information is all too common among Armstrongites, because they operate upon the false assumption that 1) HWA was a man used by God (which is not true, his many false prophecies prove that) and what he taught was true (which in many cases were not true).


  1. Thank you, RF. You are too kind to me. I appreciate this. God bless!

    Question - didn't HWA predict the fall of the Iron Curtain because he predicted Europe would be the Beast of Revelation? I seem to remember that. So if that's right, then it's not like HWA predicted the fall of the Iron Curtain. There were conditions attached -- that never came about.

  2. "There were conditions attached -- that never came about."

    I like that turn of phrase.

    You are absoltely right.

    HWA predicted the Iron Curtain to fall in a specific sense which simply did not happen.

    It was all supposed to happen before 1975, then 2005.

    The USSR was not supposed to fall until several years after Christ's return.

    These did not occur.

    HWA was a false prophet.

    Thank you again, xHWA, for your wonderful articles.