Monday, January 17, 2011

PCG's Hilliker's Polemic Against UCG

Joel Hilliker also wrote a column discussing the UCG schism, To Our Family in the United Church of God.

I found it rather boring. [Addition: Though I'm sure not everyone will feel that way.] It's mainly saying, Look at all these prophetic events that are happening right now [which HWA did not foresee, having predicted Christ to arrive in 1975, then by 2005] and all you Laodiceans can do is bicker and argue among yourselves. (Well then, why bicker with them?)

The reason this is happening, he seems to say, is because you use the wrong form of Government, he says, completely ignoring the fact that many other COGs operate in the same form of government which HWA's WCG operated in, and yet they have not had the same membership growth.

Let me state again, the idea that "fruits" do not just mean membership growth as HWA and his imitators so crudely teach.

Also Hilliker makes no mention of the fact that PCG has forced members to have no contact with Laodiceans, namely those who belong to WCG or any other offshoots.

At least the other COGs are mainly bickering, as far as I can tell, but PCG has chosen to shatter families by this draconian no contact policy just to enhance the leadership's authority and intimidate members from speaking out against them so that they can never leave.

In other words it's just your typical hypocritical PCG polemic against other the other COGs.

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