Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dave Pack's Twenty-First "Special Announcement"

Dave Pack has released yet another of his rediculous "Special Announcements" claiming that many Armstrongites in other COGs will join Pack's RCG en mass on August 30.

I wish to mention just two strange things he said in this deceptive propaganda.

1) Pack absurdly claims he is not setting dates.
Upon hearing of the timing of Haggai’s prophecy, some have claimed that I am setting dates. I am not—far from it. Knowing the year of this prophecy is in no way comparable to declaring the date of Christ’s Return, which is not revealed in the Bible. In fact, Christ specifically warns not to set a date for His Return since “no man knows the day or the hour” (Matt. 24:36). 
Well, of course he is not now setting a date for Christ's return.

But he is setting a date for a highly unlikely event to occur on August 30. No doubt many RCG members will experience the same kind of disappointment when Dave Pack's false prophesy fails in misery. It would not surprise me if the resulting disappointment will cause a mass defection within Pack's RCG. That is what happened after World War II following HWA's failed prophecy that Jesus Christ would return after the end of World War II, and again after the failure of HWA and Herman Hoeh's prediction that the Great Tribulation would begin in 1972.

It is quite sad and tragic to see how Dave Pack willfully ignores what he is doing to his followers by setting a date for something that simply will not happen.

2) Bizarrely enough, Dave Pack seems to understand that if his prophecy fails those who believe his words could quit everything. But, alas, he uses this fact to instead claim that his August 30 prophecy will surely be fulfilled and uses this as proof 12 that his false prophecy will be fulfilled as he claims.
The readers of the Haggai prophecy announcements (this is #21) who believed them would be the most disillusioned and the biggest candidates to QUIT everything if God did not return His people to one House this year! This would work directly against what God is doing—directly opposite His overall purpose.
It is sad that Dave Pack is so thoughtlessly gambling with the mental health of those who follow him.

Dave Pack is thoughtlessly leading his followers into another Great Disappointment, just like HWA, Garner Ted Armstrong, Roderick C. Meredith, Gerald Flurry, Ronald Weinland and many others. It is terrible that is leading his followers into this terrible dead end.

Here is Banned by HWA's discussion of this deceptive "Special Announcement":

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Dave Pack needs to repent and stop spreading this madness among his followers.

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