Wednesday, July 3, 2013

PCG's Brad MacDonald is Wrong: IRS Did Not Target Conservative Groups

In a previous post I highlighted how PCG's Brad MacDonald used several events to cunningly deceive readers into thinking that the US is on the verge of catastrophe. One of these events is the supposed targeting of right wing groups by the IRS.

Turns out this "scandal" does not exist in reality.

So IRS Didn't 'Target Conservative Groups,' After All
Back in May the media was in a scandal frenzy, echoing a right-wing lie that the IRS was "targeting conservative groups" that applied for special tax status. ...

But anyone who actually spent the time to read the official report on this "scandal" would have learned that was just not what happened. The IRS is supposed to scrutinize all groups applying for special tax status to make sure they are not violating tax rules by engaging in political activity. Because of Citizens United and typical underfunding the IRS couldn't check every group so they tried to find shortcuts to pick potential political groups. ne of those shortcuts involved looking for political sounding names of organizations. That is the entire "scandal" - they let some groups out of the usual scrutiny, but still looked for groups that might be engaged in politics. ...

In the report was a chart showing that ony 1/3 of the scrutinized groups were conservative,...

It took two months, but now we know for a fact that "liberal" names were also used. ...

So ... no "targeting" and no scandal. And no "broadening" of the scandal, as the corporate media is now trying to claim.

Brad MacDonald, get your facts right!

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