Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Many CGI Members Happy to Have Left WCG

From Ambassador Report 52:
During the eighties, [Ambassador Report] frequently received letters from folks who said they were much happier in the CGI than they were in the WCG. Many have told us they found CGI less authoritative and more open. In regard to the latter, it is interesting that GTA, unlike Tkach, has frequently allowed himself to be interviewed by members of the press. Some have also pointed out that CGI has courageously taken a strong stand against the rabidly racist "Seed of Satan" teaching [so-called Christian Identity] that some former Worldwiders have adopted. Not only do most CGI members say they believe in CGI's doctrines, there are many who remain GTA admirers. 
 Now not all was rosy within CGI by any means. This article is mainly about the concern of some CGI members that Garner Ted Armstrong was leaning towards authoritarianism like his father.

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