Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Armstrongism Testimonies

Ruth's Testimony in LCG from As Bereans Did. As a former follower of LCG myself I am always very interested to hear anything about that splinter group.

Here is a sample of her remarkable and moving testimony.
Gradually, during conversations with members at Sabbath services, which are clearly outlined as mandatory from that first visit, the teachings not only embedded themselves further and further by group think and peer acceptance, I began to adopt the language, devout loyalty and understanding that we were a secret organization that had knowledge and privilege granted to so very few. Leaving was akin to abandoning God’s call on your life, and falling from grace. Leaving meant you had rejected your only chance at salvation; there remained no longer redemption for me if I did. I invested all I had in the doctrine, fully convinced by their teachings that they had the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  We spoke of fleeing to Petra, and integrated within sermons that reinforced the soon coming doom upon all mankind (except we very elect ), to have ready to go backpacks by our doors, as the call would come any time, without notice. Perhaps even the police would pretend to be arresting us, but actually be escorting us to jets heading to the place of safety.
Also noteworthy are the following.

How Do You Like Them Apples? by Martha at As Bereans Did. Notable for showing how many COG members are badly misinformed about what Protestant churches actually teach and believe.

Oppression and Evil in the Philadelphia Church of God. Exit and Support Network has posted another testimony of life within PCG and how the testifier escaped.

Sharing our stories is very important in order to make the situation within the COGs more clear, and to explain to ourselves our own experiences within the world of Armstrongism.

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