Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Catastrophe in Ukraine

Events appear to have taken a most terrible turn in Ukraine. The police have hurled themselves at the protesters and up to twenty persons, including seven police offices, have died in the ensuing violence. May peace soon return to Ukraine.

This terrible turn of events only make Gerald Flurry's assertion that Vladimir Putin is the Prince of Rosh in Ezekiel 38-39 even more absurd. When the Ukrainian government abandoned negotiations with the European Union "That Prophet" Gerald Flurry cited this as a sign of just how powerful Vladimir Putin is. Just one man stopped the Ukrainian-EU trade negotiations, Flurry said. This event may have even caused Gerald Flurry to proclaim Vladimir Putin to be the Prince of Rosh prophesized in the Bible. 

But like so many COG predictions this has proven to be complete nonsense. Russia's move has backfired terribly. Many Ukrainian protesters have most powerfully resisted this attempt to have closer associations with Russia.

Unlike Flurry I will not pretend to know what will happen here. But it certainly will not take the world "a giant step closer to World War III" as the PCG leadership have been telling viewers of its TV telecast.

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