Thursday, February 27, 2014

Overview of April 2014 Philadelphia Trumpet

The April 2014 issue of The Philadelphia Trumpet is out now. Let us see what they have to say.

Gerald Flurry has a preface saying the Trumpet is somehow different.

Gerald Flurry has an article insisting that Germany is getting ready to go on the war path. (As the COGs have been saying ceaselessly since 1945. It was supposed to happen in 1972, then by 2005 at the latest.)

Brad MacDonald has a little side article condemning the German President (who is a figure head with no power by the way) for saying German needs to be more assertive in foreign policy.

Richard Palmer has an article accusing President Obama of forgetting World War II and foolishly letting Germany decide things.

Richard Palmer also asserts France has given up somehow and is just waiting to let Germany tell them what to do.

Richard Palmer also talks about agriculture and condemns farmers for not observing the land Sabbath every seven years. That is the cause for agricultural problems Palmer confidently asserts.

Dennis Leap has an article asserting his religion must be true. So no Christmas and no Easter.

Jeremiah Jacques has a full length article condemning the use of drugs and fear mongering about them.

Gerald Flurry speculates on how close the Great Tribulation will occur.

There is a small "bible study" lesson taken from their "correspondence course." This course does not study the Bible but actually indoctrinates people into accepting PCG's highly flawed interpretation of the Bible and to dismiss any other interpretation.

On page 29 they make sure to bemoan Serbia's condition and blame Germany for it in order to fear monger that Germany is just about to destroy America at any moment. The Serbs are only used as a prop to fear monger about Germany. PCG does not give a hoot about Serbia.

Stephen Flurry has a little article insisting that the God Family doctrine is true. Never mind that the Mormons have similar ideas.

Brad MacDonald has a little article calling upon people to find some alone time to think things through.

One would have no idea that PCG requires members to disfellowship (shun) any Laodiceans (ex-members or members of other COGs who did not join PCG), or that Gerald Flurry is hailed as That Prophet, or that PCG teaches that its booklet, Malachi's Message is the Little Book of Revelation 10 and that it was largely influenced by the writings of Jules Dervaes.

So we see an unsuspecting reader would not have a very clear picture about PCG reading this magazine issue.

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