Monday, February 17, 2014

HWA, "Pope" Clement and Grace

HWA asserted that from AD 53 onwards the church was engulfed by a terrible "dark century" during which many of the truths of the true faith were viciously and systematically suppressed by dark, anti-law forces inspired by Simon Magus which eventually became what we now know as the Roman Catholic Church. The truth was only restored by HWA in the twentieth century.

Is HWA's assertion that the church was suppressed true? Was there really a radical break between the New Testament and the Christian writings that came afterwards? Let us look at the Christian writings that came after the New Testament.

Let us now look at the Letter of Clement

Clement was the bishop of Rome. Traditionally his time as bishop of the Christians of Rome was dated AD 92-99. His letter was written to the church of Corinth. This is regarded as one of the very earliest Christian writings outside the New Testament. There are some other writings that had been attributed to him but all others are now regarded as spurious. This letter is the only one left by Clement.
At one place Clement seems to speak of grace.
And we, too, being called by His will in Christ Jesus, are not justified by ourselves, nor by our own wisdom, or understanding, or godliness, or works which we have wrought in holiness of heart; but by that faith through which, from the beginning, Almighty God has justified all men; to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. (Chapter 32.)
HWA indoctrinated his followers to believe that grace is a license to sin. Did Clement teach this? Notice what he says right afterwards. 
What shall we do, then, brethren? Shall we become slothful in well-doing, and cease from the practice of love? God forbid that any such course should be followed by us! But rather let us hasten with all energy and readiness of mind to perform every good work. For the Creator and Lord of all Himself rejoices in His works. (Chapter 33.)
So we see once again that HWA was talking utter nonsense when he claimed that grace was a license to sin. He was either astoundingly misinformed or an audacious liar.

Also note in Clement's letter there is no appeal to observe the Sabbath or the annual Sabbaths. If these doctrines were so essential to the Christian faith as observed in the Apostolic church, as HWA insisted they were, why did the writers of the New Testament also never call upon Christians to be observant of the Sabbath and annual Sabbaths?

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