Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Could Angels Celebrate Christ's Birth, But Not the COGs?

During last year's Christmas season As Bereans Did had a fascinating post regarding HWA's ban on Christmas.

One of the commenters made the following statement.
Since birthdays are sinful, why did the angels celebrate the birth of Christ? Why did they rejoice? Since angels know all of Scripture, won't they have boycotted rejoicing at the birth of Christ at the manger? Shouldn't God have said,"Angels, since Tammuz's birth was celebrated every year, we should not celebrate the birth of My Son." 
Another commenter shared this touching experience with how this person came to understand how HWA had deceived his followers about what Christmas meant.
I was a second generationer, in for about 30+ years, out for at least 10. Well, this year, driving around town, I always have my XM radio on, and they always have a classical station that plays only Christmas music. One evening I felt thunderstruck with the realization that almost ALL of these beautiful hymns/songs have one clear message: Hope, love and unbounding joy that we DO have a Savior and He came here for us! After almost 50 years I got it! I got the message of the carols! Ever since, I freely sing all the ones I know the lyrics to, and listen intently to the words of those I don't. Such beautiful music!
Oh how deceived we were by HWA and his imitators about so many things, including Christmas.

The real purpose HWA banned Christmas was to isolate his followers from society and avoid family and friends who are celebrating Christmas in order to render the members more susceptible to his influence. He wants his followers to be offended when their families and friends do not buy what HWA says and continue to act in a way that HWA taught them is vile. So HWA's followers run away in their hearts to cling to HWA and his followers and away from their family and friends.

HWA's Christmas ban was also to stop WCG members from spending money because of Christmas. He even whines in his booklet banning Christmas, The Plain Truth about Christmas, that income for Radio/WCG went down for about two months after Christmas. He did not want "his" church members spending money on themselves. (Note: I have decided to strip away the cult jargon and add in what HWA really meant in this quotation.)
I can say by years of experience, as I believe most pastors and ministers can say, that when the month of December rolls around, nearly all professing Christians [Although this term is usually used for non-WCG Christians he seems to really mean WCG members and co-workers here.] forget to give gifts to Christ and His cause [WCG] almost altogether! December often is the most difficult month to keep Christ's work [WCG] from dying! People are too busy trading gifts back and forth among themselves to think of Him and His Work [WCG], it seems. Then, in January and even into February it seems they have to catch up from what they spent for Christmas, so they seldom get back to normal in supporting Christ and His Work [WCG] before March! ...

This year, instead of gift trading, why not put that money into God's Work [WCG]?
What a cruel and heartless cost saving measure this was. No human knows how much pain and turmoil this cursed booklet has caused all over the world among family and friends.

There is no legitimate reason for a Christian to refuse to celebrate Christmas or to condemn those who do as unwitting pawns of Satan.


  1. The angels rejoiced and praised YAHUAH when the Messiah was born, but where does it say they celebrate His birthday when the end of the December rolls around?

  2. I'm a business man. I know that certain months of the year, gross sales will be up, and other months they will be down. I adjust my business plans accordingly, and suspect that most Christian churches compensate for these trends in a similar fashion. Unfortunately, HWA treated his church members in much the same way as Pharaoh treated the Israelite slaves. He refused to allow December trends to affect his church or lifestyle.


  3. Byker Bob,

    These leaders within the COGs desperately need to learn that skill. It is absurd and hubristic that they assume their income will just stay the same. One would think they would anticipate this problem and work around it, but they do not. I especially remember the start of 2013 when LCG lost a few TV stations and how the leadership complained that the income dropped.


    >>The angels rejoiced and praised YAHUAH when the Messiah was born<<

    They did that because they were celebrating Jesus' birth. Why would it be so wrong for Christians to celebrate his birth if even angels did so?

    And those "professing Christians" also praise God while celebrating Jesus' birth as well.

    Also the COGs do many things that are not mentioned in the Bible as well, such as paying the tithe of the tithe.

    Why is there no concern for the social isolation HWA's ban on Christmas imposes upon people who wish to not celebrate it? This is the real reason HWA banned Christmas.

  4. Do any scriptures specifically state that the angels keep the sabbath? If so, since spirit beings are not bound by the time-space continuum, which time zone would they use? Jerusalem standard? If so, that would mean that sabbatarians in other parts of the world were actually working while the angels were having their sabbath.