Tuesday, November 8, 2016

PCG Demonizes Obama as Another Antiochus

It is nearly election time. President Obama's term in office will soon end. What better time is there to give him one final parting condemnation if him? PCG have released an article by Abraham Blondeau reminding PCG members of Gerald Flurry's proclamation that President Obama is "another Antiochus," an Antichrist like figure of Flurry's devising that compares him with the infamous Antiochus Epiphanes who oppressed Jews and placed an idol in the Temple in Jerusalem and with Tkach. (Abraham Blondeau, The Untold Story of Election Day 2016, November 7, 2016.)

Let's take a look at his vilification of Obama.
November 8 is decision day. Americans will choose who will be the next president of the United States: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. There has never been an election cycle like this one. More than half of Americans dislike both candidates. The lies, insults, scandals and childish behavior of both candidates have been suffocating.
Although he presents himself as neutral PCG's leaders actually lean far to the right. PCG's 1% are somewhat uncomfortable with Trump nevertheless their hearts are, in general, with the Republican Party in regards to politics. I do not condemn them for choosing to view things that way but it is important to note that they do lean to the right.
Trump promises to “Make America Great Again!” Clinton promises to unify America with her slogan, “Stronger Together.” Yet both sides claim that if their candidate doesn’t win, it will spell disaster for America. Some label Trump as a fascist; some label Clinton as a criminal. Yet one of these two individuals will become the next president of the world superpower. Tensions are high, and disaster seems to be building on the horizon.
And why would some think Trump is like a fascist? He does not bother to discuss that.

Also it is necessary to convict someone in a court of law before one can be accurately called a criminal. Since Clinton has not been convicted of anything that label would be inaccurate.

He then seems to accuse the democratically elected President of the United States of attacking America for eight years.
There is an untold story of Election Day 2016. While America and the world focus on what America will be after the election, they are ignoring what America is now. President Barack Obama has changed this nation. America has been under attack for eight years. Whoever inherits the White House will preside over a radically transformed United States.
Back in 2013 Gerald Flurry published a booklet entitled America Under Attack in which he accused President Obama of being "another Antiochus," an Antichrist like figure of Flurry's own devising that compares him with Antiochus Epiphanes and Tkach. The article repeats that accusation.

The article then talks about the historical Antiochus Epiphanes, specifically the many terrible things to did to Jews which provoked an armed insurrection which led to the rise of the Maccabees.

He then accuses President Obama of being used by Satan and his demons to attack America these last eight years.
The Bible and secular history records Antiochus as a vile person, who had a deep hatred for the Jews. Daniel reveals that Antiochus was used by Satan to attack the Jews and to destroy the law! While this first Antiochus figure that Daniel prophesied about has come and gone, his prophecy also has an application for our time today! There were to be end-time types of Antiochus, who would attack God’s people. 
An end-time spiritual Antiochus has already come and dismantled God’s true Church. Satan used this man to attack the leadership of the Church and then destroy the rest. [This refers to the Tkach changes.]....
There is also a physical type of this end-time Antiochus who would attack America. Just as Satan attacked the Church’s leadership first with an Antiochus, so would Satan attack America in the same way. The reason for this attack is because America is one of the modern nations of Israel....
He means President Obama.

He then cites Flurry's recent booklet to insist that President Obama has somehow overthrown American law and the Constitution and has promoted "lawlessness" which will apparently lead to some sort of dictatorship and "a race war". Apparently President Obama has done all this with the aid of Satan and his demons.
In his most recent booklet, Great Again, Mr. Flurry writes, “When he became president, Barack Obama promised his supporters a radical transformation of the U.S. … 
“Mr. Obama is an outspoken critic of the Constitution and has long desired to cast off its restraints.” This is the process we have witnessed over the past eight years! Where is this all leading? Mr. Flurry continues: 
Do you realize how deadly dangerous this trend of lawlessness is? Very few people do. But it gives insight into the real nature of the threat facing America. 
This talk of "race war" refers to PCG's false prophecy of "race war." Since 1992, if not earlier, PCG's leaders have told their followers that in the near future African Americans will launch a wave of riots against the white majority. These riots by African Americans against the white majority are portrayed as somehow happening everywhere at once. If PCG members thought such riots would occur in some place away from themselves then this dire false prophecy would not scare them. This is but a false prophecy. It will never come to pass.

He then implies that President Obama plots to abolish democracy. He even seems to refer to President Obama as Antiochus.
President Obama and the radical left have been successfully weakening the checks and balances of American government to the point where a dictator could take power. It may seem to be a cruel fantasy that the land of the free would cease to be a democracy, but that has been the goal of Antiochus from the start.
PCG's leaders cannot predict who will win the election so Blondeau insists it does not matter who will win the election since President Obama already ruined everything. Flurry said so.
We do not yet know the outcome of Election Day 2016 and the future leader of America, but whoever wins the White House will inherit expanded powers and dangerous precedents that could further endanger the republic. That is the supreme danger: It doesn’t matter who wins the election or leads America, the damage to the Constitution and the rule of law has already been done.
He then excoriates President Obama for supposedly making America retreat from the world. He also criticizes President Obama for not going to war with the Assad regime over the mass gassing at Ghouta, making the nuclear deal with Iran, establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba and somehow being hostile to the State of Israel.
What has been most obvious is the administration’s anti-Israel sentiments. President Obama has repeatedly embarrassed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and disdained the opinions of the Jewish state. The current administration also has referred to Israel as an occupying force. Above all, it is this anti-Israel sentiment that reflects the character of Antiochus. As the Jewish state faces existential threats from Iran and other Middle Eastern neighbors, Mr. Obama diplomatically bows to the Jews’ enemies.
Actually the United States supplied 20% of the State of Israel's military spending during his presidency and earlier this year he made a deal with the Israeli government to increase this to 25% for the next ten years. Yet despite such aid PCG's leaders insist that President Obama hates the State of Israel's government.

Also he seems to ignore the fact that most Americans Jews support the Democratic Party. To demonize President Obama in this way does not help Jews in any way.

He then moans about the candidates and blames their nomination as presidential candidates on the American people.
For the past eight years, America has lived in the age of Antiochus. On November 8, Americans will choose who will lead them in their uncertain future. Trump and Clinton both have a history of corruption. Lies and accusations are the only campaign headlines. How did America get to the point where the only choice is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? 
The reality is that it is the fault of the American people. The only way moral corruption can triumph in government is when the people are morally corrupt.
What a way to get attention from his readers. Blame them for not putting forward candidates that satisfy PCG's author. Maybe he should have voted in the primaries. But PCG's leaders forbid their followers from voting.
Donald Trump’s rallying cry of “Make America Great Again!” has tapped into the anger and frustration of many Americans who have an inkling of what has happened to this country. Yet Trump is incapable of making America great again. So is Hillary Clinton. Times will only get worse for America in the days ahead. No matter who wins, America will lose—it will experience the worst suffering in human history.
And that perfectly illustrates why it is so problematic to insist that the United States will soon collapse. This takes away the motive to improve the United States. If the United States is fated to be conquered by a German led European Empire then why do anything?

Then after condemning his readers for nominating the two candidates that do not meet his expectations he then offers a tasty carrot to try and attract new members to join his PCG.
Yet there is a bright ending. America will be great again, but only after it repents, yields to God’s rule and the marvelous future that awaits mankind.
Only after being conquered by a German led European Empire and taken into captivity until Christ's return.

And so PCG delivers to their audience one last parting barb against President Obama. The article implies that President Obama would abolish democracy but nevertheless the author assumes that power will peacefully transfer to another person after the election which would contradict that accusation against President Obama.


  1. "this first Antiochus figure that Daniel prophesied about has come and gone"

    And that is all you need to know. There is no 'second' Antiochus; there is no secondary fulfillment of prophecy. In fact, Daniel didn't name Antiochus and therefore maybe the prophecy wasn't about him, but for sure, it wasn't about the President of the United States, which, it needs to be said, is not a religious figure and furthermore, the United States is not a lost tribe of Israel.

    The PCG should mind its own business. For the first thing, according to their prophecy template, the United States eventually will cease to be under a one world government (under a -- we hope benign -- dictator. The PCG is actually in the position of being subversive, looking to see the downfall of the United States and its elimination -- the whole country will be supplanted and eliminated, so there's no use whining about the temporary here and now: It's irrational. The whole thing will be replaced and be gone.

    One has to ask, what does this all have to do with redemption and salvation? Answer: Not one thing. Armstrongism is all about prophecy of one sort or another and if you eliminate the British Israelism aspect of the religion you have absolutely nothing left except money grubbing narcissistic empty headed know it alls, wrong at the top of their voice in a pathetic display of non-relevance.

    Even in their scenario, America will absolutely NOT be great again because it will cease to exist.

    And folks, it's OK for President Obama to eliminate Democracy in the United States because it isn't a Democracy, it's a Republic.

    This is another one of those, "How stupid can you get" moments of stupidity for the PCG. They should be embarrassed but they are too incompetent to understand that.

  2. Whoever the new president is, they will have even more fun in lambasting. And, it's all because of what it is that they do. They are in the business of fomenting the fulfillment of false prophecy. It's the sum/total of their rationale for existence, and the whip which they wield to exert their control over people.