Saturday, November 19, 2016

PCG Readers Respond to Trump's Election

On November 9, 2016 PCG's Joel Hilliker posted an article discussing Trump's election as president. It prompted some comments. Let's take a look at some of these comments.

Here's one comment insisting that HWA's book promoting the false dogma of British Israelism is somehow "more up to date now" than what this commenter first read it back in the late 1970s.
I read US & BP in the late 70’s and it is more up to date now than ever. What an honor to be able to offer this book for free to those who want understanding and direction of world events now! Great article!
British Israelism was false then. It is false today.

Here's one comment mockingly referring to Obama as the messiah of the left.
The left had their Messiah in Mr Obama and now those on the right are about to receive the same lesson. The message that God is giving us?
‘Cursed be the man that trusts in man’
Here's one comment worrying that Trump will have his hands tied.
the answer to what will change? the answer to that lies in what type of power he has at the top for starters we know hes talked about being more pro Russia pro Putin so we can assume he lifts sanctions on Russia or moves to a more friendly Russia tone 
second what type of budget will he have to work with? no matter WHAT he wants to do he wont have the budget to expand miltary spending because of entitlements if he does expand the miltary expect not trillion dollar deficits but multi trillion dollar deficits 
no matter what he wants to do his hands are truly tied
Here's one comment from one who had been reading PCG's articles "for well over a decade" complaining why PCG's leaders are negative about Trump.
I have been a reading articles here at the Trumpet for well over a decade, and greatly appreciate the vast Biblical knowledge I have learned here. Its incredible that even many Christians are out of touch with True Christianity. The things like Easter is a pagan god, Saturday is the last day of the week, and Christmas trees are a pagan symbol as well.
I know we should NOT trust in man, but trust in God.
When Paul was seized he declared his Roman Citizenship.
Why is the Trumpet so negative on President Elect Trump? Why don’t we declare prayers for him to guide our Nation? Are we just supposed to lay down and die and hand the keys over to a life long corrupt Clinton. At least Mr Trump says he will not fund planned parenthood. Law and order. Look at the black community, especially here in Chicago, it is total chaos and about 50 shootings every weekend. Am I not supposed to try to help My Country ( descendant of Abraham ) to be more Godly?
Do you even know how much heroin is pouring into this country from the open border we have with Mexico? Giving Billions of dollars to Iran. Intrusion on my religious liberty And I certainly believe Mr. Trump will NOT light the White House up in gay lighting! . I could go on and on, but I won’t.
Look at the other Republican candidates we had to choose from. Look at Romney. These candidates were so weak and we know it takes a strong leader. 
Until Almighty God establishes his rule here we have to try.
Now step up to the plate” trumpet” and pray for president elect trump.
Here's one comment lambasting President Obama's support for gay and transgender Americans.
The gay lighting of the WH and the bathroom issue made me shake my head in wonder at what America had come to .
Here's one comment complaining at PCG's negative portrayal of Trump.
No offense but you stated a lot of the same ‘thoughts’ of the MSM without substantiation. Quoting all of those extremely negative polling opinion results as if they were facts. He won in spite of ‘most’ Americans liking him, what a disservice to journalism. If he fails it will be because of the headwinds he faces from prior administrations and their failure. It’s articles like this that perpetuate a negative hysteria about Mr. Trump.
Here's one comment criticizing Trump. Considering how right wing PCG's members and target audience are it is somewhat surprising to see such a comment here.
I’m not so sure Mr. Trump has a high IQ so much as he has strong tendencies to psychopathy and a king-sized ego. He doesn’t care who he steps on in order to further his ends.
Here's one comment from Canada.
Thank you for providing such a quick response to yesterday’s outcome. I live in Canada, and wasn’t too surprised when I came in to work today to find almost everyone discussing the results. And the opinions were similar to what you stated: it’s not so much that people are pleased Mr. Trump is the President Elect (even amongst us Canadians), but that Mrs. Clinton is not. Sadly, there is definitely a general ignorance of exactly what Mr. Trump stands for though, and in what direct he is going to take America from here. Thank you again for your summation Mr. Hilliker.
Here's one comment who complains that Obama and Clinton are silent about the anti-Trump protests.
Obviously you have President Obama and Secretary Clinton who both in their speeches called to work for unity and yet these disciples of Saul Alinsky, who praised the devil in his book as the first rebellion against government, seem silent on these rising protests and not making for a smooth transition of power. As was pointed out on the trumpet daily, these 70 days will be interesting to watch.
Here's one comment from Malaysia praising PCG's writings and expressing hope for the upcoming Trump Administration.
I have been a ardent reader of Trumpet magazine for the past eight (8) years and I feel that your magazine though preaches more on religion but gives a broad outlook on the events that take place not only in America but around the word. Really I admire every topic that is printed in your magazine and I congratulate the magazine for a work well done in an excellent manner. Keep it up Sir. As regards to the recent stunning election victory of President elect Donald Trump I have this to say. The American people have made their choice and I definitely believe that they want Trump to make America great again. I sympathize with them with millions being jobless as life will be difficult if we are deprived of this basic need to look for a living to cater for our family. Mr. Trump touched the hearts of every American who need change which the system could not provide so they voted for a businessman to reverse the trend. Can Trump as a President fulfill all that he promised during the election campaign? It is easy to talk but when you sit in the President seat you are bound by the system unless you have the guts to revolt and do what you like on your own. I read the comments but give Trump a chance to make good what he promised. I agree that it is ultimately in the hands of God to put things right in its perspective and only God can do it. Although we live in different parts of the world as I come from Malaysia but we all share the same values for a just world. God bless America and the world.
Here's one comment that criticizes PCG's writings as stirring up racial tensions. This a rare comment that directly criticizes PCG.
Thanks to publications like the theTrumpet, Trump is now president as you nationalists want. You guys ran around for years telling Whites that Blacks have it better, when all reasonable data indicated otherwise; now they have lashed out and want “their” country back. You guys should give yourselves a mighty pat on the back, maybe a shove; you finally brought Anglo racism back in “God’s” name… Hurray!
Here's one comment scare mongering that Trump's election will make Germany break away from the United States and forge the future European Empire that Armstrongites have waited to see emerge for so long.
The Germans seem to be getting ready for their part in prophecy. With Trump about to take office, they see the road clear now for world dominance. Frank-Walter Steinmeier wants US-German roles reversed, and Ursula von der Leyen is calling for the military power to achieve that worlddominance. 
That false prophecy failed during World War II. It failed in 1972-5. It will fail today.

Here's one comment from one offended at Hilliker's pessimism regarding Trump's victory.
Mr. Joel Hilliker, You are a very negative person and are judging Mr. Trump way before he even takes office. You obviously preferred the corrupt and evil Clinton Establishment over Mr. Trump, who sir, is trying to make America a Better country.
I will NOT be reading any more articles from you Sir! Good Day!
It is good that this person will no longer listen to PCG.

Here's one comment blaming the criminal network known as ISIL on President Obama.
Hopefully President Elect Trump will stop the Massacre of Thousands of Christians in the Middle East by isis, caused by obama.
May the day of ISIL's fall soon dawn.


  1. Flurry will come to nothing. When he graduates to the lake of fire, then men waiting in the shadows will make their move. Money will flow in for a spell, meanwhile the sheep confused as they are misled, will grow concerned. A revolt will start. Splinters will form and the great falling away will begin...again.

    You see, human behavior never changes. Man is fundamentally stupid, repeating the same old mistakes over and over. So we can expect the same with a bit of a different twist when the time comes. The PCG is run like any other cult. The abuse, tyrannical behavior of leaders, it's all the same. So will it's demise.

  2. It is good when oppression is ended. Thank you for your encouraging comment.