Friday, November 18, 2016

PCG's Trumpet Hour After Trump's Election

Just listened to some of what PCG's leaders said about current affairs following Trump's election to the presidency.

(Trumpet Hour, November 9, 2016.)

Here they talked about Trump's victory. It is mentioned that many Americans are angry. Complained about widespread division. Even though PCG's leaders lean far to the right Trump's election is portrayed as helping to lead America to PCG's foretold catastrophe. There is discussion of Trump losing the popular vote but willing the electoral college vote. They complain that Trump may cut back on America's presence in the rest of the world. And Jeremiah Jacques indulged in some scare mongering about Japan.

(Trumpet Hour, November 16, 2016.)

Here they talked about the severe partisan divisions within America. It is asserted that America has not been as politically divided since the Civil War. The next issue of the recruitment magazine is alluded to,

Brent Nagtegaal is interviewed in Jerusalem. They discuss Trump's proposal to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. It is mentioned that Israeli Jews tend to be more right wing and religious compared to American Jews. They ludicrously claimed that others have said that Obama had ruined US-Israeli relations and it may never be repaired to its former state. Meanwhile the US and Israeli governments recently passed a memorandum of understanding that makes the United States pay 25% of the State of Israel's military expenditure for ten years. They confidently state that it is destined for the United States and the State of Israel to fall out with each other. Elsewhere they teach that the Israeli government will realign itself with Europe only to be betrayed and conquered by the future European Empire. They also advertise that Nagtegaal will soon get his own radio show on Sunday about archaeology and PCG's interpretations of the future (which have so often failed).

Christopher Eames is interviewed discussing the earthquake in New Zealand. It ends with advertising for a booklet which scare mongers that natural disasters are sent by PCG's God to punish people.

Joel Hilliker ended the broadcast discussing the necessity of character in order to be entrusted with responsibility over people.

He quoted Thomas Edison saying that democracy is mob rule in which 51% of the people lord it over the rest. PCG's leader, Gerald Flurry, has exalted in having his PCG be manged under one-man rule. It is little wonder that democracy would be viewed negatively within such a group.

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  1. The PCG does know that Donald Trump's son-in-law is Jewish, right?

    Oh, my bad. The PCG doesn't know anything.

    And quoting Thomas Edison... perhaps it would be well to research how Thomas Edison treated one of the most brilliant men ever, Nicola Tesla -- the most shabby unfair treatment ever and Nicola Tesla was right after all about trying to use DC the way Thomas Edison was trying to use it.

    Oh, right. The PCG doesn't deal in facts. Sorry. Forgot. They deal in hyperbole and delusion.

    As for the necessity of character in order to be entrusted with responsibility over people... I suggest that maybe we shouldn't even trust the PCG with responsibility over animals because their most tender mercy is cruelty.

    Of course the incompetents at the PCG couldn't begin to understand the competency of Donald Trump seeing that they have no concept of making a success in the business world and have no real accomplishments -- all they can do is promote Irish Dancing for their own entertainment while neglecting their followers, letting them wallow in the dystopian element the PCG has created for them, replete with massive debt for useless show pieces.