Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Elected President

Donald Trump has been elected President defeating Hilary Clinton.

I recall listening to one pollster who argued that this election was a transformative election that was not like normal elections, an election that happened only once a generation. He confidently predicted Trump would win.


  1. Well, we'll see what happens now, on the national scene, the international scene, and as all of this affects the wacky world of the ACOGs and their HWA-inspired prophecy mold.

    Every presidential election brings a mixed bag of good and bad things. There were some trends which seriously needed to be reversed, and these trends would have been worsened by Hillary Clinton. The USA is not unlike a pole, centered by some high tension guy wires. When the pole begins to list to one side or the other, it needs to be pulled in a corrective direction to straighten it. Hopefully, that is what is going to happen.


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    1. Yeah, they always pick worst case extremes for the US and BC. Probability allows for deviations from equilibrium, but is generally against worst extreme or best extreme. Most generally something in between the extremes happens, equilibrium adjusts, and the system survives.

      You'd think decades of failed prophetic perfect storms might have imparted a bit of wisdom, but apparently not!


  3. Hey BB,

    My answers on banned keep getting rejected so I look like a lunatic.

    But to answer you questions.

    GRP is gross rating point.

    and CPC is cost per click or CPM cost per thousand views.

    Industry standards for measurement.


    1. Thanks, nck. The problem, I guess, is that most of us are not in the rather exotic TV industry, and would not be aware of those standards of measurement.

      In the rather pedestrian but somewhat revolutionary digital printing industry, we use the measurement "click charge" (two syllables, not the three of c-p-c) but have no use for the other acronyms to which you alluded.

      By the way, not every single contribution that I make is always published, either. Blogging is a funny and sometimes fascinating thing. Also, on various sites, if I make a statement as BB, a disliker of BB may disagree and attack that statement, whereas the same statement or idea is praised if "anonymous" makes it. It's just the nature of things, and part of the entertainment value of participating in blogs. When one uses a name or screen name, it gives some some people an opportunity to make evaluations as to whether they like or dislike the person of that name. If you post under one name for a prolonged period of time, unless you are a very bland individual, philosophical disagreements may gain you the occasional enemy as well as the supreme praiser types. Those of us who have placed ourselves in the fish bowl are in for a penny or a pound.
      We generally receive philosophical recompense or demerits based on our ideas and opinions. That is unavoidable.


  4. Yes BB,

    a) All true!
    b) Only becomes frustrating when one is labeled "autistic" after a three time attempt to provide information
    c) I love "Banned" like a street in Napels. One hears such noise one is convinced wwIII is about to break loose. After inquiring inside houses if there is a maiden in distress you'll just witness loving families having lunch.

    d) In line with nckian promise of, good conversation requires good information,

    e) Now to honor the subject of this topic.
    I learned that what you described in your first posting in British politics is called "The swing of the pendulum."

    I guess this is what happens in "winner takes all" democracies. USA is in need for a third party perhaps.

    Interestingly enough, many professional news gatherers are at this moment trying to figure out what Trumps policies will be.

    It seems that some seem to be able to communicate messages and become president even while those that spent a life time learning are not able to discern what those messages are while it convices others to cast a vote.

    One of the many lessons you learn on the blogs or through communicating in general is how confirmation bias works.


  5. I'm sure that most of us are waiting with baited breath to hear what Mark Armstrong has to say about the election! Whether or not Donald Trump ends up being co-opted by the Republican establishment, and modulating his pronouncements, he has certainly made some very similar comments to Mark's throughout the campaign. We don't need to guess which gentleman succeeded in getting his audience to resonate. Nobody has reported a sudden influx of new ACOG members. It will, however, be interesting (and probably quite predictable) to hear what the ACOG luminaries have to say!