Saturday, November 12, 2016

PCG on Trump's Victory

PCG's Joel Hilliker has written an article discussing Trump's victory in the presidential election. (Joel Hilliker, What the Trump Victory Means, November 9, 2016.)

let's take a look at what he has to say.
In an election upset that shocked the media and mainstream analysts, Donald Trump garnered enough state victories to claim a convincing win in America’s presidential election.
This alludes to Clinton actually getting about 300,000 more votes than Trump but she lost in the electoral collage vote thus losing the election to Trump.

Hilliker discusses the widespread anger at the status quo that Trump successfully tapped into to win the election.
A great many Americans are angry. A great many votes for Mr. Trump were expressions of animosity and outrage at a corrupt political system, of which Hillary Clinton is an apt representative and symbol. A great many were votes against a candidate they absolutely did not want to see in the White House. Many were expressions of exasperation over the declivitous decline of America in a variety of manifestations, domestically and globally. For many, their vote was a full-throated protest against current politics, against the Obama administration, against socialized medicine, against open borders, against government regulation and intrusion, against bowing and kowtowing to foreign governments.
All Americans deserve to have health care. Lambasting the Obama Administrations' reforms as "socialized medicine" serves to delegitimize attempts to expand health insurance coverage for Americans.

The border with Mexico is not open. It is already fenced. Actually deportations reached record levels under the Obama Administration.

And how did the Obama Administration bowed and kowtowed to other governments? The United States of America is the most powerful nation state in the world.

But while Hilliker talks about Americans chafing at "government regulation and intrusion" he works for an organization that is recognized by the government as a religion so it does not have to pay taxes. He was born into WCG and has lived all his life within the world of Armstrongism.

Hilliker states that many voters for Trump did not really support him but were so exasperated with the status quo they were willing to try anything to make a difference.
Certainly Mr. Trump has his genuine believers. But those whose votes were a strong “Yes!” to Trump are strongly outnumbered by those saying “No, no, no, no!” to a mountain of provocations and aggravations and vexations. Like Britain’s vote in June to leave the European Union, in large part this vote sprang from people’s angst and panic over their loss of control and their sense that any change would be an improvement. In aggregate, Mr. Trump’s victory represents a groundswell of desperation to try anything different from what we’ve been getting.
Hilliker condemns Trump offering himself as the solution to many of America's problems.
In many ways, Americans have no idea what Mr. Trump is going to do. Where his pronouncements have been clear, they have been changeable; he says something definitive one day and backtracks the next. He successfully identified many of America’s problems, but essentially offered himself as the solution to all of them. What does that mean? Who knows how he would go about it? It is truly a leap of unfounded faith to think that this man can restore America to greatness. He can only say, “It’s going to be great—believe me” for so long before it becomes obvious that people’s grandiose and diverse and contradictory expectations of his presidency are going unfulfilled.
PCG has long insisted that the United States is destined to be conquered by a German led European Empire. Promising a bright and prosperous future for the United States contradicts PCG dogma and implies that PCG's view of the future is nonsense.

He then implies that the United States is destined to face catastrophe for not adhering to PCG's dogmas.
LOOK AT AMERICA TODAY! Try to look at it from the point of view of the God who is in charge of history—and ask yourself if you can think of ANYTHING we might be doing as a nation that would cause Him to be CHASTISING US and trying to get our attention! 
God has been trying to get America’s attention for DECADES—and we have ignored Him, defied Him, and openly blasphemed Him. We are suffering curses for doing so—curses that are destined to intensify, no matter who is president.
In other words, give up all hope and join PCG to get to go to the place of safety while the rest of humanity gets plunged into the Great Tribulation.

And so we see that even when the candidate who belongs to their preferred party wins PCG still tries to spread doom and gloom to everyone to get more tithes paying members.


  1. They are only capable of reacting negatively, regardless as to what happens. They specialize in reverse alchemy, turning anything which seems positive into negatives. That's a really bad habit pattern to get into! If there is such a thing as the millennium, I can see these folks even finding negatives in that! If it isn't exactly like the pictures Flurry is painting for them, they'll manage to be disappointed.

  2. So true. They tend to be so negative.

  3. So I guess that they wanted Hillary Clinton instead?

    1. What they really want is the end. I'm sure that some of them see the US as finally being boxed in, and those will be the flames they fuel and fan.