Sunday, July 2, 2017

A PCG Writer Failing Grammar

PCG claims to be the only "true church" on the face of planet Earth. Other educational institutions are rubbished as being under the influence of Satan with only PCG being able to provide "true education" (referring to PCG's religious teachings).

And despite such lofty claims one of PCG's writers still has difficulty writing proper English. This may be seen the title of the following PCG article by Kieran Underwood: namely "Why the Global Peace Index Is Nonsense Pseudoscience" (June 11, 2017).

It is ungrammatical to write, "nonsense pseudoscience." He could have written it as "nonsensical pseudoscience" or even "nonsense and pseudoscience" but he cannot write "nonsense pseudoscience" without breaking the grammar of the English language.

He even repeats this ungrammatical gibberish twice in the article itself.
There is a problem though. Drawing any conclusions from a “Global Peace Index” is nonsense pseudoscience. ... 
That’s why the media’s reporting of the Global Peace Index is nonsense pseudoscience that you should avoid wasting your time reading.
Maybe the author should learn to proof read what he writes before posting it online.

Now we all make mistakes with grammar. I know I certainly do. But it is jarring to see such a thing from an organization which makes such lofty claims about itself.

It is awful to imagine that there are some people who sacrifice so much for this organization and trust them to do so much for them and yet PCG's leaders make grammatical mistakes. If PCG's leaders can make such simple mistakes as this how could one place so much trust in what they say about the future if they cannot even get their English grammar right?

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