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Overview of the July-August 2017 Issue of LCG's Tomorrow's World Magazine

LCG publishes a recruitment magazine with the intention of gaining more triple tithes paying converts to join the organization behind that recruitment magazine, the Living Church of God. LCG has released a new issue of that recruitment magazine (July-August 2017).

Let's take a look at what LCG's leadership have to say.

There is no mention in this recruitment magazine of the matter of Republican legislators trying to pass a bill which, if passed, would take away the health insurance of 22 million Americans. Many of those who read this recruitment magazine will lose their health insurance if that proposed bill passes and LCG's leaders have nothing to say about that very important matter in this issue.

This issue has a circulation of 282,000 issues. This is a dramatic decline from a circulation of 539,000 issues which was enjoyed by the March-April 2016 issue. This issue's figure is by far the lowest circulation figure LCG's recruitment magazine has revealed since they started noting its circulation figures back in 2014. (See the circulation figures at the end of this post.)

Gerald Weston has a personal article remembering Roderick C. Meredith after his death on May 18, 2017. The article contains the following statement.
He chose the latter, and—at age 62—he began the Global Church of God in 1993, later to be known as the Living Church of God, in an effort to restore original Christianity. (p. 3.)
The magazine publishes the third part of a series of articles by the late Roderick C. Meredith discussing Martin Luther. The purpose of these articles is to delegitimize the Protestant churches to make readers more inclined to join the organization producing the recruitment magazine, namely the Living Church of God.

It is based on a narrative of his he made back in 1958. (See pages 17-22 for the part equivalent to this issue's article.) The article's age is indicated by the fact that Meredith tends to cite old books in this article. Here in alphabetical order are all the books cited in this article. Note that they are all quite old.
With the exception of the works by Bettenson and Fisher all these works can be read at Bettenson's book is available on the Amazon Kindle Store. Only Fisher's book is currently out of print.

Winston Gosse has an article discussing worries about old age pensions in Canada.

John Meakin has an article discussing the American War of Independence exploiting the time of year.

The Questions and Answers article promotes the doctrine of the "Great White Throne Judgment," the teaching that after the one thousand year millennial rule of Christ all of humanity who had not yet been "called" by (LCG's) God will be resurrected and given a chance to gain salvation by converting to LCG's religion.

Douglas Winnail has an article claiming that LCG's God performed miracles to make America triumph during the American War of Independence.

Adam West has an article discussing the Chunnel.

Wallace Smith has an article discussing storms.

Phil Sena has an article discussing teenagers who are distressed by LCG's teaching present day society will soon be utterly destroyed in the Great Tribulation thus discouraging them from making plans for the future. That is a serious problem that many of those who have since left Armstrongism talk about. But since those who make this recruitment magazine make their living thanks to people who believe such things.

There are letters. For whatever reason none of the letters published are listed as being from the United States.

One letter is used by the recruitment magazine's editors to promote the dubious doctrine of the Wednesday crucifixion, a teaching that is used to belittle the Christian churches that worship on Sunday.

Here's one letter from Jamaica.
I thank you and the Tomorrow’s World team for taking the time to respond to my requests and for giving me information that is vital to living in today’s world. I’m grateful for this program. Keep on doing God’s work.
Here's one letter from the Philippines.
Please continue send me your wonderful magazine because the evidence you give with biblical quotes and factual statistics makes it such a wonderfully knowledgeable and inspiring magazine. No other magazine has opened my eyes and cleaned my mind as your magazine has done. I wait anxiously for each new magazine to come.
Here's one letter from Australia. This persons boasts of having an ancestry traceable back to the High Kings of Ireland.
Thank you for your information regarding The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy. It leads to a great understanding of the Bible and its prophecies. It is very well researched. My own family history traces back to the High Kings of Ireland and the Milesian dynasty. Regarding the Bible studies, I have finished Lessons 1–4. Would you please send me Lesson 5–8 and the Lesson 1–4 test answer key? Your Tomorrow’s World magazines are very informative. Thank you for your assistance with my studies of the Bible.
Actually anyone with Irish ancestry is in all likelihood related to those ancient sovereign rulers since they lived so long ago.

And so we see that LCG's leadership have produced another issue of their recruitment magazine to attempt to get more people to join their organization and to persuade once again to their members that LCG's leadership is worthy of being followed and accepting their tithes. There is no need to follow LCG to become a Christian.

Postscript: Circulation Figures

(Here are the rest of the circulation figures for LCG's recruitment magazine. July-August 2017 was 282,000 issues. May-June 2017 was 355,000 issues. March-April 2017 was 417,000 issues. January-February 2017 was 412,000 issues. November-December 2016 was 423,000. September-October 2016 was 415,000. July-August 2016 was 509,000. May-June 2016 was 513,000. March-April 2016 was 539,000. January-February 2016 was 527,000. November-December 2015 was 514,000. September-October 2015 was 510,000. July-August 2015 was 505,000. May-June 2015 was 497,000. March-April 2015 was 487,000. January-February 2015 was 492,000. November-December 2014 was 472,000. September-October 2014 was 458,000. July-August 2014 was 457,000. LCG's recruitment magazine did not reveal its circulation figure before the July-August 2014 issue.)

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