Friday, July 28, 2017

Transgender Ban in Military Would Endanger American Soldiers

Recently President Trump proposed banning transgender people from serving in the armed forces. Regardless of how we may view this issue we must face the facts even if we may not like them. And the fact is that if such a policy will be enforced it will endanger American soldiers since those who want to serve and who may earn a promotion by proving their competence and skill will be overlooked simply for being a transgender person.

Furthermore transgender people in the United States tend to enlist for military service at a disproportionately higher rate than the general population. Do those in the COGs who vilify and condemn transgender people realize that they are slurring a community that include many who serve the nation in the armed forces?


  1. And so far one COGleader has heartily endorsed the President's tweets.

    Are transgender soldiers a danger to the military? I still remember a sermonette that scaremongered parents with school age children about the "dangers" of gay teachers. After the sermonette, a friend told me that, statistically speaking, the biggest danger was from married male teachers. After all, who had been the biggest "danger" to co-eds at AC?

  2. The ACOGs don't just want to ban transgender people in the military, they want to ban transgender people period!

    When are the culties going to realize that people automatically disagree with them not because their positions do or don't have merit, but because of who they are? And, frankly, most of the people whom they disdain face the same dilemma. There ought to be a lesson in that somewhere.