Sunday, July 2, 2017

PCG Blinded by Severe Partisanism

Even though Republican legislators are trying to pass a bill which if passed will cause about 22 million Americans to lose their health insurance PCG wants their audience to loathe the left in general by citing a story that presents CNN in a bad light in a recent broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Daily hosted by Stephen Flurry.
Earlier this week, three CNN journalists resigned after running a story that was supposed to back the Trump-Russia collusion narrative. As it turns out, the story was based on one anonymous source and wasn’t backed by any evidence. Then an undercover video surfaced featuring CNN producer John Bonifield. Bonifield admitted the Trump-Russia stories were not true and that he can understand why President Donald Trump would say this is a witch hunt. This is the new age we’re living in—where journalistic ethics are cast aside to improve ratings and rake in more cash.
While a large proportion of PCG's audience face the prospect of losing health insurance PCG's 1% still tell them to loathe the left.

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