Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mark Armstrong on Left Wing Protesters and Climate Change

Mark Armstrong: "One of the funniest things I've seen lately was the gas-masked protester who kicked a smoke canister back into the Police line and then got hit squarely in the crotch with another fired smoke canister."

On August 25, 2017 the Intercontinental Church of God's leader, Mark Armstrong, posted yet another weekly update. This time he complains of leftist protesters and people warning about climate change. He also alludes to Hurricane Harvey in a rather strange manner. Let's take a look.

Mark Armstrong follows Trump's lead and presents the far right extremists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville as morally equivalent.
Instead of stockpiling emergency supplies [because of North Korea], we were suddenly whisked into the center of a raging controversy over historical monuments, specifically markers and statues dedicated to the remembrance of Civil War era personalities.  We were treated to depictions of two groups at competing rallies in Charlottesville, VA clashing in the streets.  Could you tell who was who?
Helmets were worn and bats were carried by combatants on both sides as the short video seemed to illustrate one side trying to push a slab of plywood against a line of "protesters" who looked just like they did.  What were we to make of it?  It was like dumb met dumber, and a scuffle ensued.  NO SUCH THING, declared the media.  The left-wing "counter-protesters" were fighting against racism for the sake of equality and freedom. 
President Trump's statements about the events in Charlottesville are presented as a brave defiance of the mainstream media.
Oh, spare us.  That one's a whopper of huge proportions.  They not only expect Americans to buy the false narrative, they expected that President Trump had no choice but to fall in line and parrot the media group-think verbatim.  But he didn't.  He dared denounce racial bigotry, hatred and violence across the board, choosing not to take sides in a clash of idiots that was orchestrated if not choreagraphed.  That was described again and again as a "dog-whistle" to white-supremacists and encouragement to neo-Nazis. 
Any condemnation of President Trump is dismissed by noting that he has a daughter who has converted to Judaism side stepping Trump's personal responsibility.
Odd, that a man who has a daughter (Ivanka) who married into a Jewish family with her Dad's blessing, converted and is raising children in the Jewish religion, would promote a violent movement sworn to their demise.  But the accusations have been constant from every imaginable mainstream media platform.  Now they've shifted back to the "insanity" offense.   It's a crisis, with a man who is clearly "unhinged" and "clinically insane" to have possession of the nuclear codes! 
He alludes to the ongoing Trump-Russia scandal.
What happened to the Russia collusion story, you know, the one where the Trump campaign got Russian intelligence to hack the DNC and spoil Hillary Clinton's candidacy?  It's not gone, but has only been pulled into the secretive investigation by the special council, and could blow sky high when the results are made public, we're told. 
Mark Armstrong then mentions the rally for Trump in Phoenix, Arizona. Reflecting his political allegiances it is hailed by him as "a joyous celebration." A certain problematic quotation in that rally is left unmentioned.
Then Trump went to Phoenix this week for a campaign-style rally.  It was nothing short of a joyous celebration.  The crowd nearly brought the house down when asked if they liked Sheriff Joe.  They booed the media, with big smiles on their faces.  They chanted, "Build that Wall!" again and again, and cheered the President who doubled down on his campaign promises.  And then everyone went home without incident.  
Mark Armstrong then leers at a counter-protester, one Joshua Cobin, who was hit in the crotch by a gas canister. Seeing a human being fall down to the hard pavement in pain seems to be quite amusing to him.  
The Police used smoke bombs and finally tear gas to run off all but the most combative of demonstrators.  One of the funniest things I've seen lately was the gas-masked protester who kicked a smoke canister back into the Police line and then got hit squarely in the crotch with another fired smoke canister.   Hopefully he learned a lesson, and will think twice before he pulls that stunt again. 
Cobin now faces charges of assaulting police from that day.

Mark Armstrong implies that protesters opposed to President Trump are hirelings "paid to create anarchy." He uses wording which implies that these protesters label all Americans as racist which has the effect of obscuring political differences between the left and the right.
But maybe not.  Many of these "protesters" are organized and paid to create anarchy, but we're supposed to believe that they're just innocent students justifiably outraged by how RACIST we Americans are.  It's the accusation that has been thrown around so casually as to become nearly meaningless.  It's the accusation that excuses the worst behavior, up to and including the ambush and murder of policemen, and we've seen numerous examples of late. 
He incites resentment toward those he disagree with.
We're being manipulated and played constantly by the media and political interests who are becoming increasingly frustrated by evidence that the general public is not buying their act.
He then insists that widespread concern about climate change caused by the excess emission of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases is a vast hoax. It is even implied that recent expressions of concern about climate change are a cynical attempt to promote An Inconvenient Sequel, Al Gore's new movie about the ongoing climate change crisis.
The same mainstream outlets chose week before last, when an unseasonable cool snap was working its way across the Midwest toward the East coast, to inform us that this is the "hottest year on record."  Of course, they told us that 2016 was also the hottest year, and 2015 and 2014 too!  Polar ice is thinner, sea levels are higher and it's just the hottest it's ever been!  Well, not in Texas it's not.  We've seen one of the mildest summers ever and this week it's just plain cool.  You don't suppose that the "hottest year ever" news-breaks that were reported every hour on the hour had anything to do with Al Gore's latest "global warming" flop?

The media's arrogance has reached the point where they can tell you it's dangerously hot, and you're a "climate denier" if you open the door and realize it's not.  It's kind of like the weather report last week that reported a 40% chance of rain in the middle of a downpour that had been going on for hours.  We've learned that we can't believe a word of what the ashen-faced "reporters" are telling us.  Why, that's an attack on the most important component of a free society!  Yeah, that's a shame.  But it's completely self-inflicted by the arrogant network chiefs and news anchors who've systematically destroyed their own credibility.
The previous paragraph confuses weather with climate. A weather forecasts describes what is to happen in the next few days while those who study the climate analyze what happens to the climate over many years.

In his vicious denunciation of those who happen to have political positions opposed to his own Mark Armstrong describes the media as hating to cover Hurricane Harvey because, he implies, it will delay their grand conspiracy to impeach President Trump. He even talked of escaping Hurricane Harvey's path as being "easier than avoiding the storm of deception that we all face daily."
They're going to hate having to break away from their drive to impeachment coverage to cover the storm barreling across the Texas coastline.  It's the first one of its kind in years, and will cause horrendous flooding if forecasts are accurate.  Millions will be fleeing inland, and hopefully will be able to do so safely.  We can all pray that there will be a minimum of property damage, and that all in the path will avoid injury.  Escaping hurricane Harvey should be easier than avoiding the storm of deception that we all face daily. 
So far fifteen people are confirmed to have died in the ongoing catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey. These words are shameful and dreadful. His own home state of Texas is facing this severe and terrible crisis with Hurricane Harvey and he equates this dreadful and deadly storm with listening to warnings about climate change. This is awful behavior.


Let's end this post with the following articles from media sources from Texas.

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  1. It apparently never occurred to Mr. Armstrong that Harvey may be a symptom of climate change. Also, many of us have commented about the problems that arise when employing an argument about moral equivalency when discussing the events in Charlottesville. And, finally, one does not have to be conservative, Republican or a Fundamentalist to be a Christian.

  2. By Mark's reckoning, 2016 can't be the hottest year on record because 2015 was, and so was 2014, and besides, it (apparently) wasn't any hotter in Texas!

  3. I wonder if any of the militias are actively attempting to recruit Mark. Anyone with a world view similar to his should be heading for the hills, seceding from society. I'm not saying that leftists do not have or cause a whole set of problems all of their own, but that the increasing polarization of our society could one day incite a new civil war. We already have a situation in Congress where the major parties refuse to compromise with one another to produce mutually beneficial legislation, and attempt to totally repudiate the net results of one another's presidencies. Instead of balance, we get a see saw.

    Mark seems to have found a niche for himself, though, as have most of the factions of Armstrongism. Like a new, emerging, radical genre of popular music, most of these versions attempt to shock and manipulate people away from their previous comfort levels. It's punk rock attempting to obliterate classic rock, or gangsta rap replacing soul music. Armstrongism has always been "shock" religion. Mark must see himself as a Howard Stern for the alt right elements. Wonder how that is working out for him financially.