Thursday, August 17, 2017

PCG's Stephen Flurry Defending President Trump's Third Statement About Charlottesville Events

And so we continue with the topic mentioned in the last post. PCG's heir apparent Stephen Flurry has released a third broadcast of PCG's Trumpet Daily in which he defends President Trump's third statement concerning the terrible events that had recently occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia in which there occurred a car ramming terrorist attack. One counter-protester, Heather Heyer, was killed and nineteen counter-protesters injured in the car attack.

Here is PCG's synopsis of the broadcast.
#547: President Trump Exposes the Media’s Shamelessly One-sided Coverage 
United States President Donald Trump’s press conference on American infrastructure absolutely dominated the major media yesterday. The conference was a circus where reporters cared little about infrastructure and more about drawing connections between the president and white supremacists. Reporters shouted questions out of turn at the president like, “Why do Nazis like you?” and, “Do you support the Confederacy?” Mr. Trump drew attention to the weekend violence in Charlottesville, providing context and a balanced view of both sides of the protest. His answers set the left-wing media ablaze. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss what is wrong with the mainstream media in America and why these problems are only going to intensify in the near future. (August 16, 2017.)
There was widespread condemnation of this particular statement. Stephen Flurry insisted that the media, the reporters in the press conference, were biased and determined to make President Trump look bad. He says the press conference was supposed to discuss manufacturing but the reporters wanted to talk about his response to the violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville. That is how Stephen Flurry portrays that press conference. There is no attempt to give the benefit of the doubt to these journalists that their inquiry is legitimate. Instead it is dismissed as biased and an attempt to politically weaken the president.

Stephen Flurry cited an article by the Media Research Center insisting that news shows disproportionately focused on this particular news conference. The Media Research Center is a right wing outfit.

He also cited an article by Melanie Phillips to condemn Antifa protesters. She cited an article by Peter Beinart in The Atlantic. PCG's 1% tend to rely on Phillips' writings a lot. Stephen Flurry also tried to gain the listener's trust by saying that Phillips is no fan of Trump and that The Atlantic is a left wing publication. Stephen Flurry insists that the media are on the side of Antifa protesters even though there is a lively debate about such groups.

Near the end of the broadcast Stephen Flurry insisted that President Trump should be congratulated for his press conference.

So many have been dismayed, upset and angry at President Trump for comparing counter-protesters as being morally equivalent with the racist extremists. But not PCG's 1%. They have chosen to side with him despite the widespread opprobrium that this press conference caused. One might suspect that PCG's 1% reacted in this way because they are so partisan in favor of the political right. However PCG's 1% have shown in the past that when they want to they will criticize Trump. So the decision of PCG's 1% to speak up in favor of President Trump is a conscious decision that PCG's 1% have made that they will have to bear.

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