Friday, August 18, 2017

Stephen Flurry's First Broadcast About Charlottesville Attack (August 14)

In his first radio broadcast discussing the awful events in Charlottesville (August 14, 2017) PCG's heir apparent Stephen Flurry complained that the media's condemnation of President Trump's discussing the white supremacists and the counter-protesters as morally equivalent. He insists that the media has ignored acts of violence by what he narrowly defines as the other side.
"The man and the movement are to be blamed." [Stephen Flurry states while quoting the mayor of Charlottesville on a CNN program.] Something that you never, ever heard in the previous eight years prior to Donald Trump's election. "The man," speaking of the president, "and the movement behind him." And you think about all of these violent atrocities coming from Antifa or coming from Black Lives Matter. Or aimed right at the police like in Dallas. Or the riots in Charlotte, or in Baltimore, or in St. Louis. And on and on and on it goes. And never, never, never, never did you hear all of these programs laying the blame at the White House. Now, just like last week [alluding to the recent tensions with North Korea], the big story here is not this particular white supremacist or what led up to his attack. The big story is President Trump's response. (6-7 minutes.)   
In other words the media are not to be trusted. If acted upon this attitude destroys trust in alternative sources of information that may happen to contradict Stephen Flurry. However the white supremacists were much more prepared for inflicting violence then the counter-protesters.

Many people are worried that the president lacks moral clarity regarding the white supremacists who assembled from all over the nation into Charlottesville. Stephen Flurry's response to this problem is to complain that people are not worried or alarmed enough about the possibility of nuclear destruction from either North Korea or Iran.

He scare mongered about Iran yet again, insisting that they are racing their build a nuclear bomb. PCG demonizes Iran in order to insist that their leader, Gerald Flurry, is blessed by God since he labelled Iran as the King of the South back in 1994. Stephen Flurry insists that the future World War III will begin with some sort of attack by Iran against Germany. He also fudged that issue by implying that North Korea may end up using nuclear weapons at some point in the future. PCG teaches that a German led European entity will conquer America in the near future just before Christ's return.

He also promotes a new booklet by his father, Gerald Flurry.

In the latter half of this broadcast Stephan Flurry reads letters from people struggling with drug addiction. He also discusses the ongoing opioid crisis.

Here is the synopsis of this particular broadcast.
#545: Charlottesville: A New Reason to Hate on President Trump   
 During a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, a man intentionally drove his car into a crowd of opposing protesters. The reaction from the major media was predictable: Blame U.S. President Donald Trump for the violence. Under Barack Obama, U.S. cities experienced similar violence while President Obama remained silent. The media’s amnesia is a symptom of the hypocrisy dividing America and bringing it down. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss the media’s reaction to this weekend’s tragedy as well as other major events happening around the world. (August 14, 2017.)
It should be noted that white supremacists are the most dangerous strand of domestic terrorism.
White supremacists are much more likely to commit violent crimes than other sub-groups or classifications of domestic extremism. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in 2015, white supremacists accounted for 38 percent of all extremist killings, followed closely by Islamist, anti-government, and anti-abortion extremists. Left-wing extremism accounted for around 1 percent of all killings; so-called “black extremism” did not register. (Melanie Schmitz, Think Progress, August 17, 2017.) 
PCG's 1% can scare monger about Antifa protesters and Black Lives Matter protesters as much as they want on their tithes sponsored radio station. That can't change the simple fact that white supremacists have a frightening history of inflicting violence to enforce their racist views and silence dissent.


  1. What these clueless individuals really need to do is to digest Arnold Schwartzaneggar's comments following Charlottesville. It is ironic that Germany seems to have learned profound lessons from the failed ideology of the Third Reich, while Naziism appears to be on the uprise here in the USA.


  2. Yes, he should do another speech with a Flurry bobble head.