Wednesday, August 30, 2017

William Dankenbring Passes Away

Banned by HWA reports that William Dankenbring passed away on August 29. My thoughts and condolences go to his family and friends.


  1. And in a typical disrespect for the departed, Bob Thiel posted a double denunciation. First, for the fourth anniversary of Dave Pack's day that nothing happened, and then his negative encounters with Bill Dankenbring.
    For me, the most memorable, but unverified, story on Bill's website was how HWA got into the "religion business", after seeing an SDA minister's fine home paid for by his congregation's tithes.

    1. Unfortunately, in addition to maligning those who hold different viewpoints from his own, there is always a lot of disinformation and error at Bob Thiel's site. He holds to all of the original bogus theories embraced by Herbert Armstrong, which is really a shame, because he has been presented with better, more accurate information, yet refuses correction.

      Smallness, seasoned with a dose of inept speaking ability, is the natural damage control for his operation. Domestically, he may splinter-poach, but the reality inherent in that is that the splinter members' lives are already ruined. The only difference is that if they join him, they'll need to keep their football watching secret.