Saturday, August 26, 2017

PCG on the Eclipse

On August 21 many witnessed in wonder and joy the occurrence of a solar eclipse in the United States. And how did PCG's 1% respond to this occasion? Tried to use the eclipse to try and attract attention from listeners by trying to attract the attention of superstitious people fearful that the eclipse was some sort of sign from God.
 #227: Trumpet Hour: Charlottesville Violence: More to Come, Anticipating Germany’s Election, August 21 Eclipse Prophetic?, and More.... 
Next Monday, America is going to experience a full solar eclipse, and many people believe it is a prophetic sign—a signal of impending catastrophe. Is that true? (August 16, 2017.) 
The eclipse was again mentioned in another broadcast.
#550: Is Today’s Solar Eclipse a Sign of the Time of the End? 
Many religious commentators say today’s solar eclipse is a sign of the end. Does the Bible actually support these claims? One third of the Bible is dedicated to prophecy—a forecast of what is to happen in the latter days. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we explain what the Bible says about the sequence of end-time events. (August 21, 2017.)
In other words PCG's 1% are trying to attract attention from people who are fearful that eclipse are a sign from God. Eclipses occur at regular times that are predictable because the Earth and Moon orbit at a regular speed.

Would it be good to be in a "church" that tries to attract people who are superstitiously afraid of eclipses? Such people need education instead of having their fear exploited by people like PCG's 1% hoping to gain attention and possibly a new tithes paying members.


  1. I read a story some years ago that two Chinese Royal Astronomers were executed because their eclipse calculation was a day late. The Emperor used such predictable events to demonstrate his power to his subjects.

    1. You could do that if you had some advisors who had an exponentially more advanced understanding of the universe than did the commoners. It is laughable in our more sophisticated times today to witness power takers, collectors of people attempt the same technique and wonder why they are never able to rise above the status of bottom feeder.

      I wonder if people such as the Flurrys, Dave Pack, or Bob Thiel even realize that they are bottom feeders.


    2. With astronomical events, Bob Thiel seems to prefer trashing the predictions of others, while pontificating on natural disasters. I'm surprised he hasn't posted anything about Hurricane Harvey.