Monday, October 30, 2017

ICG's Mark Armstrong Vilifies Clinton Again to Discredit Trump-Russia Investigation

With the news that Special Prosecutor Mueller has presented a sealed indictment as part of the investigation into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia certain Republicans have brought up the allegations regarding uranium and the Clinton Foundation. Mark Armstrong also brings this matter up in his latest weekly update (October 27, 2017).

First he begins by citing events and trends he does not like and presents it as a simple story of the the political left engaged in some sort of sinister conspiracy to bring about "the destruction of Western culture". He insists that "every imaginable left-wing cause" is part of this alleged threat.
For years we’ve been outlining the destruction of Western culture in these weekly updates, particularly in Europe and specifically here in the United States.  It appeared to be intentional sabotage of nearly all our governmental agencies, pushing for open borders, for unlimited importation of refugees, unimpeded abortion rights, homosexual marriage, trans-genders in the military and every imaginable left-wing cause.  Every governmental agency appeared complicit in this agenda, from the IRS going after conservative organizations, to the FBI lying and covering up everything from the Fast and Furious scandal to the State Department, the CIA and Benghazi.  The list is endless, and we’ve noted discrepancies between reality and the media narrative all along the way believing that it was over.
Reading this passage I cannot help but be reminded of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Back around 1898 the Tsarist secret service created a narrative of hate that presented all sorts of trends and problems as being part of a sinister conspiracy to destroy society and take it over. This narrative was created in response to the increasing difficulty of justifying the inequitable and authoritarian state of society. To prop up Tsarism scapegoats were presented by certain interests with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo to blunt the widespread calls for reforms. This narrative insisted that elements of the sinister conspiracy included the destruction of Christianity, the promotion of pornography, manipulation of the government, control of the press, etc.

But the subject of condemnation was different. Whereas Mark Armstrong condemns the political left in general this narrative of the Tsarist secret service accused one particular community, namely the Jewish community, of leading this sinister conspiracy. The accusation was complete nonsense but it would cause much pain and suffering to defamed and innocent people.

The world is complicated and confusing. It can be comforting to listen to someone who says he or she is sure about what the real problem is.

He insists gay rights, high immigration and integrating Muslims as threats to his audience.
It seemed that there would be no going back.  The American Congress, all the federal agencies, nearly all the educational institutions and major corporations seemed fully invested in a whole new set of “American values,” which enshrined gay rights, unlimited immigration, and particularly Muslim rights as somehow critical to America’s survival.  Our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights seemed minor impediments to the last administration, small hurdles which were overcome by the former president’s pen and phone. 
Being right wing in regards to politics he exults in Trump's electoral vote victory last year. Criticism of his administration is explained away by blaming the media. Widespread suspicions about alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is presented as an attempt by the media to explain away Trump's electoral vote victory.
The mainstream media has convulsed with thinly veiled outrage at the surprising election of President Donald Trump.  It must have been a mistake!  A fluke of some kind.  It couldn’t possibly have happened unless there were outside interference, such as a secret Russian plot in collusion with the Trump campaign to undermine the ascension of Hillary Clinton to her rightful position as the first female president of the United States.  You don’t need a reiteration of how it has all played out, you’ve been living it!
Criticism of President Trump is explained away as attacks by a supposedly left wing dominated media.
The mainstream media has been pushing the narrative, at a fever pitch, constantly, for the past eight or nine months.  Trump takes orders from Putin… He’s unfit, unhinged, emotionally volatile, rude, uncaring, un-presidential, and of course he’s a racist bigot who’s populated the White House with a bunch of white supremacists!  The accusations are legion, and they haven’t slowed in the slightest, even though the lid has been blown off the mainstream narrative over the past week or so, and it will only get worse.
He insists to his audience that the Steele Dossier can be ignored even though it was initially sponsored by a Republican rival to Trump.
It’s beginning to look like the whole “Russian Collusion” scandal was instigated by the Clinton campaign to affect the election’s outcome.  Many of the charges contained in the infamous “dossier” were easily debunked, and therefore not published (by an NBC subsidiary) until after Trump was inaugurated.  But, the whole world learned this week that the spurious accusations provided by current and former officials of the Kremlin, were purchased by agents of the Clinton campaign.  It was a bomb-shell that has the expert panels on the national networks shouting, squirming miserably, and trying to get to the next commercial break without a meltdown. 
Clinton lost the election in 2016. Mark Armstrong's preferred candidate sits in the White House.  Robert Mueller has issued his first indictment in the investigation in the Trump-Russia scandal. But Mark Armstrong insists to his audience that the real collusion with Russia was by Clinton.
The smirks, flirts and pouts have turned to confused deer in the headlights.  Anchors don’t seem to understand or comprehend the news of Russian bribery, exported uranium or the tens of millions of dollars routed through third countries into the Clinton foundation.  They still insist that the REAL investigation is Russia/Trump collusion, even in the face of a tidal wave of evidence blowing them right off their stools.  Some of the networks are still ignoring the bombshells exploding in their faces.  It may take another week or two before they’re forced to report the news, and it blows their entire past year’s investment in subterfuge to bits. 
As part of simplifying events he presents the Steele Dossier as a pretext for the investigation. The possibility that it is an honest attempt to investigatin allegations of possibly criminal acts is ignored.
It looks like the false Russian-inspired “dossier” may have been used to acquire warrants to tap phones and spy on the activities of private citizens, some of whom were employed by the Trump campaign.  The “dossier” may also have been used to justify the massive investigation that is under-way, the one many at the news anchor desks were sure would put an end to the Trump presidency. 
He insinuates that various investigators are tainted by the deal concerning uranium with a Russian company.
Instead, the top investigators (Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe) and intelligence agency bosses (Clapper, Brennan) appear to have been privy to the bribery and corruption that handed the Kremlin 20% of U. S. uranium reserves, and yet allowed it to happen without notifying Congress or the American public.  Talk about the foxes guarding the hen house!
It must be stated that Comey is not one of the investigators.

He then cites Proverbs and enjoys the possibility that those investigating his preferred president are somehow guilty.
Isn’t it just perfect that those pointing the finger, promoting dark suspicions and reaching conclusions of criminality may themselves be guilty of the very crimes of which they were accusing others?
Clearly the paranoid style is alive and well in the offices of this particular organization. No good can come from this. Unlike the COGs I make no claims to know the future but it is clear that it is not good for just insist that people one does not like can be ignored. We should learn from a variety of sources and not be afraid to confront issues that we may not wish exist.


  1. It's difficult to know where to begin in responding, isn't it? He's got a lot of issues with accepting change.

    The USA immigration laws changed back in the 1960s. Prior to that, immigrants from countries that were cuturally similar to the USA were given preference in terms of quotas. The change did not begin to have a cumulative effect until the late '70s and early '80s in most of our major cities, at which time the general public became aware of huge numbers of Asians and Arabic people with great buying power, in places like California. Long term residents and business people began using phrases in the '80s, such as "cultural pollution", because the new immigrants brought a lot of change. So, what Mark is suddenly vigorously writing about as if it were a current event, is very, very old news, at least 30 year old news. Most of us have already made our adaptations to this, as the new normal. Once air travel came into vogue, it was probably inevitable.

    As to the matter of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, conservative talk show hosts within the past several weeks have begun making counter-accusations with regard to the culpability of the Democrats. I'm sure that there has been some lobbying on all sides. Every nation on the face of the earth hopes that their status with the United States will improve with each new president. Russia has been much less of a rogue state since the end of the cold war, generally looking out mainly for its own national interests as opposed to proselytizing Communism.

    Mark appears to be following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps in making the status quo appear as bad as possible, an analysis of the news that will support the Armstrong agenda and prophecy mold. But, he is more of a follower and an echo than a leader and trend-setter. Somehow, his father always managed to get out agead of it all. That's where you must be in order to attract followers, ahead of the pack.