Tuesday, October 3, 2017

PCG's Gerald Flurry Cited Gun Control Measure to Slur President Obama as "Another Antiochus"

Back in 2013 PCG's leader Gerald Flurry slurred President Obama as "another Antiochus" comparing him with two individuals he loathes: namely Antiochus Epiphanes, the ruler of Hellenistic Syria who infamously persecuted Judaism and even set up an idol in the Temple in Jerusalem; and Joseph Tkach who implemented the changes within WCG renouncing much of what was taught under HWA. In making this inflammatory accusation Gerald Flurry cited President Obama's signing of twenty-three executive orders concerning gun control following the Sandy Hook massacre on December 14, 2012.
On January 16, 2013, President Obama signed 23 executive actions on gun control, and then urged Congress to pass even stricter gun laws. When he signed those orders, he surrounded himself with little children who had written letters to him asking, Mr. President, would you please do something about the violence in schools? Who wants to debate with him when he has little children all around him? 
The president is so eager to restrict guns. But what is he doing to stop drug cartels making inroads into America? What about stopping the drug wars between gangs in America’s big cities? What success has he had in stopping Chicago, his home town, from becoming the murder capital of the world?  
I am sickened by what Adam Lanza did. But what makes me sicker is somebody using that massacre to promote a political ideology! I think those 23 executive orders are really about getting around the Constitution and conditioning the minds of the people to accept the president saying, Don’t worry about the supreme law of the land! Listen to me! Just like Antiochus did! (Gerald Flurry, America Under Attack, Chapter 3, 2013.)
More details about this ridiculous and inflammatory accusation may be seen in the previous post: Gerald Flurry Says President Obama is an "Antiochus-type" Figure Just Like Tkach.


  1. As a gun owner myself, I thought that the ban on assault weapons from the Clinton era was perfectly reasonable. There is no reason for members of the general public to have weapons that can be fairly easily converted to machine guns. For decades, dating from the days of Al Capone and the Chicago mob, machine guns were both illegal, and difficult to obtain. People state that the purpose of the Second Amendment is as a check and balance against tyrannical government, but the fact is the government always ends up subduing the people who misuse these weapons. The problem is that before being subdued, the criminals take out far more victims far more quickly than they would be able to do with, say, a couple of Glocks.

    I also realize that we are in an undeclared Civil War, left vs right. Mr. Paddock came out of nowhere, and seems too squeaky clean. That all appears too neat or convenient in that he fits none of the normal profiles of a mass murderer. Until we figure out what made him tick, it appears possible that he may be a soldier in that civil war, sent by someone in the hopes of galvanizing the citizenry of the US to enact Canadian or Australian, or even British style gun control. There aren't a heck of a lot of Country Western music fans of the Democrat persuasion.


    1. Some years ago when a shooting took place, I told my class about the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia, which was followed by a government call to surrender all unneeded weapons for a cash compensation. Some naturally speculated that the tragedy had been staged to promote gun control.