Monday, October 23, 2017

Mark Armstrong Blaming Fires in California on Undocumented Immigrant

After the Armstrongite yearly conference Mark Armstrong, leader of the Intercontinental Church of God, is back to authoring his strange, misanthropic weekly updates (October 20, 2017). This time he condemns the mainstream media for not agreeing with the politically charged rumor, largely assumed to be untrue, that an undocumented immigrant started the fires in California.

It has long been a common practice among the COGs to state that some sort of disaster had occurred near them but it did not directly affect them. This is assumed to be some sort of divine favor. Mark Armstrong continues that practice here.
Thanks to all who contributed to making the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles a joyous occasion from coast to coast.  Our site in Panama City Beach dodged a hurricane that might have ruined everything, but came to shore well to the west as a weakened storm, only bringing rain and some wind gusts to our site. ... The last day of the Feast (preceding the Last Great Day) at Lake Tahoe, we emerged from the morning service to see that the entire basin had filled with smoke. ... The smoke that inundated Lake Tahoe that afternoon came from two fires nearer by, and not the horrific blazes that ... took 40 some lives in Sonoma County.
The world has watched in horror at the wildfires that have ravaged parts of California including Sonoma County. And how has Mark Armstrong reacted to this crisis? Cite a rumor to scare monger about undocumented immigrants.
Did California really, "Set itself on Fire"?  That's what one headline (out of the mainstream, found at the reads, the story indicating that an illegal alien living under a bridge in Sonoma is the chief suspect in at least some of the fires that caused more than a billion dollars in damages and killed at least forty people.
The Gates of Vienna blog's name alludes to the Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire in 1683 and it portrays itself as a continuation of that struggle. It spends a lot of its time scare mongering about Muslims. (Incidentally this Gates of Vienna blog gained infamy for being cited 86 times in a certain manifesto.)

But Mark Armstrong complains that mainstream media sources are not impressed with this rumor. The possibility that they may be right is not considered.
Contrast that with the headline in the LA Times, "Sonoma homeless man accused of arson, but no link so far to massive wine country wildfires."  It tells of the diminutive "homeless man" zipping around on a small bicycle, occasionally lighting brushfires, and caught by police after lighting a fire Sunday along a creek at a park.  But the Sonoma County Sheriff is on the job, tamping down speculation that the "homeless man" had anything to do with the raging fires that have destroyed so many lives in his district.
The Sonoma County Sherriff's warning about this rumor is not enough to prevent Mark Armstrong from using this rumor to scare monger about undocumented immigrants and to vilify sanctuary cities.
The "homeless man" is a twice deported illegal alien, who has been released on his own recognizance repeatedly (five arrests in the past year alone) despite an ICE detainer which would have meant his deportation, were California and Sonoma County not committed to sanctuary policies.  You don't suppose there would be any legal liability connected to his repeated release in the event that he is proven responsible for the blazes that destroyed the lives of so many citizens?
In the paragraph above he provides two links to the far right, Mercer funded Breitbart media outlet.

He then muses of his desire for the mainstream media to somehow fall by the information he alleges are being suppressed by them.
Likely, the mainstream media will turn a blind eye, if it's remotely possible, and never report a story so damaging to its beloved diversity dogma.  There are a series of bombshells that the dominant media is straddling, many of which would blow the news narrative of the past year sky high, along with the reputations of the organizations themselves and their ever-so-diverse anchors and reporters.  Not only that, but key players in the former administration will be implicated, assuming there is anything left of truth or justice in America's most respected institutions.
He insists that "much of what passes for news is not."
Sorting the truth from fiction has become a full-time job for anyone who tries to understand what on earth is going on.  We all know, from recent years of painful experience, that much of what passes for news is not.  The truth, meanwhile, if it should damage any of the heroes of politically correct dogma, is not even known to those who purport to be "America's most trusted source..."
He fantacizes of the possibility of the mainstream media being "run over by the very stories they refused to acknowledge". Whatever that means.
We'll have to wait and see if the awful truth will ever be acknowledged by those who purport to report it, for now.  Hopefully, it will become widely known in spite of every conceivable effort to deflect, falsely accuse and endlessly speculate.  We know that everything hidden will eventually be brought to light, but wouldn't it be nice if the mainstream media got run over by the very stories they refused to acknowledge?
He seems to imply that this alleged suppression of this rumor of an undocumented immigrant setting the fire to be "one of the greatest dangers" facing the United States.
This is a time fraught with dangers ranging from international rogue regimes like North Korea and Iran, fielding ICBM's and working to perfect nuclear weapons; to terrorists that have been planted throughout the western world and pose a continuous threat.  But one of the greatest dangers, and perhaps the one that is tearing at the fabric of the United States and other western countries, is the deception to which the news media is wholly committed.  It may well be another sign of the times in which we are living.
What hatred and loathing must exists in his heart that his response to these terrible fires in California is to blame it on an undocumented immigrant and vilify the news media for not blindly accepting this politically charged rumor.

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  1. OK, so some of the fires were of human origins. One would hope that Mark is aware that white people who were born in the USA start fires, too. Like Johnny Cash, who at one point was the only person in the history of the US who had to pay for a forest fire.


  2. Mark Armstrong must listen to Micheal Savage. He mentioned that the fires 'might' be linked to some terrorist dry run.

    1. Yup. Demagogues listening to demagogues. They feed off one another.


  3. By blaming the fires on an arsonist, Mark avoids having another climate change denial rant.