Tuesday, October 31, 2017

PCG's Attempted Rehabilitation of Nixon's Role in the Watergate Scandal

Recently I finished reading The Haldeman Diaries by H. R. Haldeman, President Nixon's chief of staff in 1969-73.

While he was chief of staff Haldeman kept a diary detailing what happened from when he started in January 1969 until he resigned due to the Watergate scandal in April 1973. It is an intriguing portrayal of events within the White House under President Nixon.

I was quite taken aback at just how crippling the Watergate scandal was from March 1973 onward. The Watergate scandal is mentioned from when it first reached public knowledge after the break in at the Watergate Hotel and yet at first the narrative presented it as merely a problem, not the problem. But in early March 1973 the situation escalated and the White House found itself caught by the scandal spending long meetings with lawyers or other persons desperately trying to navigate their way around the taint of association with the scandal and finding no way out.

Every now and then since the January 2016 issue of their recruitment magazine PCG's 1% have tried to rehabilitate Nixon from the shame of the Watergate scandal. One example of this as may be seen below.
There is a lot of evidence exposing the Communists’ deliberate effort to get inside the Democratic Party. Like Paul Kengor wrote, they wanted to transform it “from the party of Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy to the party of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.” 
A book published in 2015 ... documents how President Richard Nixon worked to prevent this from happening. He was part of the effort to convict Alger Hiss, a Communist spy who worked in the U.S. State Department. For that, Nixon became a target among those on the radical left. History shows that the way Nixon was prosecuted involved law-breaking and lawlessness far more scandalous than what he himself had to resign the presidency over. (Joel Hilliker, How Did Socialism Become So Popular in America?, April 24, 2017.)
This train of thought is seen again in the passage below.
The major media are working to bring down President Trump. In one way, it is like Watergate. The real scandal then, however, was not what happened at the Watergate Hotel, but the series of lawless moves taken by Nixon’s persecutors to bring him down. .... we discuss the long-lasting effect the real Watergate scandal has had on America. (May 17, 2017.)
Well, after reading The Haldeman Diaries it should be stated that Alger Hiss is mentioned a few times in it but never as a cause of the investigations concerning the Watergate scandal. Instead Haldeman states in this book that Nixon would at times recall the hard work he went through during the Alger Hiss trial to inspire his staff to work hard. But Hiss is not mentioned as somehow causing the investigations about the scandal in this book.

At one point John Dan is quoted as saying the real problem was the cover up to prevent people knowing that the Watergate Seven were connected to the White House as during the course of the cover criminal acts such as lying to investigators and destroying potential criminal evidence occurred. The cover up had to be investigated.

Another thing to mention is that among the political right is this story that the sexual revolution was the work of the Frankfurt School led by Herbert Marcuse who devised cultural Marxism to bring it to fruition. There is no mention of Marcuse, the Frankfurt School or cultural Marxisn in this book. Little surprise there since that idea only began to spread within the political right in the 1990s.


  1. Ah yes Alger Hiss, who signed HWA's State Department press card for the first United Nations session. Described by HWA as brilliant and intelligent.


  2. On 24 november 1967 HWA wrote

    "The world crisis had already started prior to World War I. Only most of the people of the world were not yet aware of it. But men like Karl Marx and Nikolai Lenin knew. This world crisis resulted from the impact of science and technology--and injection of godless "German rationalism" into education. World Wars are the military expression of that crisis. Worldwide depressions are the economic expression. The so-called "New Morality" is the moral expression-"plummeting morals into the cesspool." Universal desperation is the spiritual expression. This has spawned the beatniks and hippies-the riots-the marches-the "civil disobedience"--the breakdown of law and order."

    So I don't know about 1990 awareness of cultural marxism.


  3. People who think in black and white generally want to see ideas and events trace back to a single cause. The problem with this is that there are generally multiple causes. If Alger Hiss had never existed, people would still have hated and reviled Richard Nixon.

    Birth control, more effective medicines to treat STDs, Masters and Johnson and changing social mores came together as partial stimuli to the sexual revolution. These things did not come from a Russian or German think tank.

    Many innovations and inventions are the by-product of group thought, or a chain of thoughts, with one person often receiving the full credit for them. Often they are a product of the zeitgeist, a symbiosis of many minds. It is simplistic thinking that leads people to blame a single cause for each effect. The ACOGs generally lay the blame at the feet of one of their favorite whipping boys or enemies.


  4. "sexual revolution"

    BB is right.

    Although the Russian meddling in the US election process will soon prove to have continued after DT was elected. (for instance the 10000 people march protest organized by not the real but the fake black live matter website from Florida.)

    Although they might have had a favorite candidate. The function was to undermine western democracy, destabilize the authority of the news authorities and weaken the west in general.

    Once think tanks have a couple of sheep or group of sheep convinced they leverage that small investment.

    In the same manner the owners of the New Rebublic leveraged their ownership of this small publication in the past. And were willing to incur heavy losses just to posess that newsoutlet.

    This year this minor publication broke the story of Harvey Weinstein having global repercussions ending the 1970"s.

    And better still hitting the Democrat donors (from Hollywood) real hard between the eyes.

    So don't be swayed immediately the next time a hundred thousand people start surfing the Zeitgeist and consider the wizzard of oz. (another example ayn rand influencing the feds greenspan, liberal policy making clinton unleashing the markets upon the people, 2008 results)


  5. Noel Field from Quaker stock implicated Hiss.
    Field had worked with Allen Dulles and the OSS in the US Embassy in Bern.

    Before perhaps working on a moviescript on the "greatest story never told" anyone any knowledge on Dibar Apartians line of work in the US Center for WWII intelligence in Bern being the US Embassy??

    Of course if he was a typist or steno translator or watering the plants, that movie might just never garner the financing I am contemplating. Anyone?


  6. In October 1940, Field resigned his post in Geneva and in 1941 became director of the American Unitarian Universalist Service Committee's relief mission in Marseilles, providing relief for endangered Jewish refugees including antifascists and leftists, and helping many to flee to Switzerland.[8]

    15 years before Dibar Apartian travelled through Marseille.

    Dibar Apartian lived a most unusual and eventful life. He was born of Armenian parents in Turkey just as a series of the infamous “Armenian genocide” massacres began. Friends of his parents warned them of what was coming, and they were able to send him overseas on a ship to save his life. As a young boy of only four to six years old, he was sent by way of Marseille, in southern France, to stay with relatives in Switzerland. They eventually put him in an orphanage where he spent the next several years of his life and received much of his education. Later, he was able to get a very good education in Switzerland, and he excelled in many studies. During World War II, he ended up working for the United States Embassy in Bern, Switzerland. Because of his intelligence, his diplomacy and his graciousness, he became the highest-ranking non-Swiss employee of the United States Embassy in Bern.

    In 1942, Robert Dexter, director of the Unitarian Service Committee, recruited Field to pass information to the U.S. intelligence service Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

    A matter of interest to students of the Cold War came to light years later when records from Field's interrogations were found in the Hungarian Interior Ministry archives. In those records Field named U.S. government official Alger Hiss as a fellow Communist spy:


  7. I admit to not have assessed the quality of the link below but for those interested in Bern and OSS activities.



  8. This is nice background information, nck, but unfortunately for the Armstrongs and their stated mission, none of it put them in the position of having delivered on or fulfilled the mission. We can make excuses for them or try to salvage a couple of positives from it, but they never did what they twisted and manipulated us into believing they were going to do. Did they hang out with some cool people and movers and shakers? Yes. Did this help them so that they were able to fulfill their mission statement? Absolutely not! Just smoke and mirrors.

    As for Dibar Apartian, yes I admired him for his level of culture, and his diplomacy. But in the end, he was just like some really neat and cool person you might meet whose coolness was overwhelmed by him also being a Jehovah's Witness or Moonie. Sometimes one part of a person's identity forecloses on another and just totally negates it. It's a shame, but that's one of the bad things about throwing your life away to a cult.


  9. Hmm, I guess that movie is not coming then. You are hardly bostering a case for a movie like "The Good Shepherd."

    Thinking of it. What actually was the mission statement of WCG?

    To announce a coming world of "pax", brought about by an "unseen hand", a couple of main players and an elite administering it all.

    Oh yes, it wouldnt be a democracy.
    Of course a democracy is starting to become obsolete with AI.

    A liberal democracy is built on the premiss that an individual person knows him or herself best! And no intelligence (operation kgb, ones wife, or kin) knows the real inner person.

    Of course we are now entering the phase of technological advances that indeed google, facebook, or the chinese government for that matter and new AI algorythms are soon in the position to know a person better than that person knows him or herself.

    This just might signal the philosophical end of liberal, democracy based on individual superiority.

    We might be assimilated.

    Thanks for the interesting conversation.
    Spock out!


  10. Shortly after his arrival in Bern, Dulles had to find aides to help him deal with a 
    drastic increase in the level of activity. Dulles always had a very small staff, but this did 
    not prevent him from achieving impressive feats. According to Cordelia Dodson Hood 
    who worked in the Bern station during the latter half of the war, the Bern office usually 
    had less than eight aides and never more than twelve.24

    I remain interested in the line of work Mr Apartian was doing in Bern. I won't be disappointed if he was the head gardener. Except that it would not bolster my case that WCG was an intelligence operation. So if any people are reading?

    I do recommend the thesis after a quick read.


  11. All we know is that they had very bad intelligence on the Bible. Based on that, I would say that if they were an intelligence operation, it was probably 3rd rate.

    As for the mission statement, the one we heard in sabbath services was the "great commission" from the Bible. Now, if an organization has a secret mission statement that preempts the publically stated one, and the members don't know about it, that makes the leaders liars, and subverts both of their mission statements. A spy ops working under the cover of a church would be the height of disingenuousness, and very spiritually damaging. Which ever they were, my wish that Herbie's dad had known about condoms has grown stronger over the years.


  12. Well it has been done before.

    But as Worthington said on HISG.

    “It is unacceptable that the Pentagon or any other U.S. agency use nonprofits for intelligence gathering,” Worthington said. “It is a violation of the basic trust between the U.S. government and its civic sector.”

    So I get it.
    Just from the official records.

    Led by Senator Frank Church of Idaho, the “Church Committee” as it came to be known, issued its final report in 1975. The report covered far reaching topics from the origins of the various agencies to their financial records. One important topic the committee looked at was the utilization of clergy and religious groups by the CIA. As the report noted on page 202:

    “The number of American clergy or missionaries used by the CIA has been small. The CIA has informed the Committee of a total of 14 covert arrangements which involved direct operational use of 21 individuals…In six or seven cases, the CIA paid salaries, bonuses, or expenses to the religious personnel, or helped to fund projects run by them. Most of the individuals were used for covert action purposes. Several were involved in large covert action projects of the mid-Sixties, which were directed at “competing” with communism in the Third World.”

    Ok. Back to the Great Commission.
    To witness (broadcast) to the nations of the world, (narrowcasted to 150 of its top leaders and most leaders as in national elites being members of service clubs)
    , the good news of a coming Kingdom ON EARTH. (Initially populated by Flesh and Blood humans as in the millenium.)

    This exactly coincides with the Internationalistic Idealistic intelligence community of the rising American Empire. (re: The Good Shepherd for entertaining source material)

    I don't think HWA even knew what he was doing (like perhaps others in his party did) and most fervently believed the "religious mission" , with "miraculously", "opening" doors, where NO MAN had gone before. Not even Kissinger.

    Look, my kin was engaged by the intelligence community during the Cold War, just for the interesting observations they made on a postcard sent to his wife.

    Of course I cannot reveal the location, circumstance or message on the postcard. But I can assure you that its contents was a lot more mundane than a direct flight from Cairo, Damascus to Jerusalem and Tokyo at the height of the Cold War.

    In my "movie" I will of course include the scene where the GII flew through the Jordan valley being escorted by Syrian Mig on the one side and Israeli jet on the other.

    The best lie is the one where actually no one is lying but just acting their own part in the play. Perhaps that is what Shakespeare was hinting at.

    (we already talked Charlie Wilsons war where not many people were lying, just coordinating)


    1. Whether or not it was a CIA front (and I've got the hat and once had the T-shirt), the only important factor to me is how it all affected Joe Tithe-slave. Political implications, or bilateral military escorts for the G-II do not tend to mitigate a torturous upbringing in the Herbert W. Armstrong church, or the great disappointment of 1973-75. Seems like this CIA thing is just one more conspiracy thing, somewhat more subversive than, but not unlike all of the unverifiable conspiracy theories that were used in "proving" and marketing HWA's church. Placed in that perspective, it lets us know a bit more of the basic character of the church, but does little to help people in their recovery, like maybe Farmer Brown in the Kansas wheat fields, who lost his family farm because HWA taught him "the truth" about pesticides and the 7 year land sabbath. In fact, I doubt that the Brown family would care much at all about contributions to Prince Charles' charities, or awards that Japanese politicians awarded to HWA. Personally, I was put off by propaganda, and the lies and immorality of both sides in the cold war. It's certainly not something that I would have chosen to take an active part in. I hate that my tithes were not only flagrantly misspent on grand lifestyles for the top ministers, but also that they might have contributed to the corrupt Dulles brothers, and the cold war. A pox on all of their houses!


  13. Again what was the name of that car rental company in Pasadena renting cars to HWA in the early fifties. Later the owner was a high official in the Pentagon and all office staff in the Pentagon wing came out to see HWA "because they recognized his voice."

    Great stuff.

    Perhaps you wanna edit the movie, with the raunchy parts where his father forgot the cndm?

    For source material. It is the one number where our mutual friend DD expresses thanks for 3rd tithe assistance to the Carolina brethren.


  14. Well my comments at least give you a chance to highlight the misfortune of farmer Brown.

    Otherwise we would just focus on that US senator from Kansas who saved all WTM broadcasts from destruction because of WCG broadcast of agricultural policy.

    As a matter of fact I wrote a policy paper myself comparing US and EC agricultural trade policy and tariffs on trade and other protective measures.

    But I agree.
    That does not help farmer Brown.


  15. Btw I believe Farmer Brown very much cares about todays flight of F15 and B1 to South Korea from OKINAWA.

    Okinawa was the exact reason HWA got his medal.

    I agree it was just a small part of history we were involved in but relevant to this very day.


  16. OKNAWA as in aiding Nixon in his talks with the Japanese.

    Now that is a twist to the Nixon book isnt it Redfox?

    I am taking to heart Gavins last admonishment before his passing. To ponder the virtue of remaining on topic.


  17. Car lease company: you don't mean Harger Haldeman by any chance?

    Does anyone seriously believe that without HWA, Okinawa would not have happened?

    Whatever HWA did, Billy Graham did better, and accomplished more. And, Billy didn't hide the fact that he was a minister of Jesus Christ, or become a shill of spy agencies.


  18. No. HWA's friend Verne Orr, Secretary of the airforce.

    After lunch the Senior Adviser for International Affairs to the Secretary of the Air Force barged in the meeting and said he had been listening to HWA for over 20 years.
    Also during his stint as Political Officer in the American Embassy in Bonn at the height of the Cold War.

    Now perhaps people separate their private hobbies from their work. However if high ranking career diplomats manage to listen to HWA for over 20 years to me at least implies some sort insight. I would not for a minute propose it might have had some effect on decision making. I'm just saying.

    I said we only played a SMALL part in history. For the Japanese it was a BIG thing so they awarded him the highest civilian honor.

    To the Japanese it was a matter of life and death. To us just a strategic stronghold to keep an eye on the mainland, (China, Korea's, Russia) and as I said serving South Korea.


  19. Re Billy Graham.

    Yeah. Google is not yet the all knowing God.
    If one googles Billy Graham and China google will tell you that Billy Graham was the first Christian minister to visit Communist China.

    Of course I will tell you that HWA and Rader were meeting the Chinese leadership way before Billy Graham. Bringing blue prints of the auditorium to Bejing as a present. (which is a hall of trade now) Of course later Robert Kuhn inspired the entire Chinese leadership on the topic how to implement their goals.

    When I was based in Turkmenistan in that whore and boozing russians infested hotel. I was flipping channels to escape all that suddenly I see Chinese commercials featuring one of the 10 most influential persons in China. And I see Dr K.

    I must accept there is no relation whatsoever between his exceptional career and the topic of discussion. On the other hand someone arguing it was no accident either and a confluence of ideas will have my ear.

    I just can't see why you are attributing christianity to HwA, something he railed at in nearly every broadcast, publication and sermon.

    Of course Billy did the Christian thing better.