Saturday, October 7, 2017

PCG Implied "Technocrats" Want to Confiscate Firearms (2013)

The idea of the federal government confiscating firearms at present is very unlikely and it is not a serious proposal despite the terrible massacre in Las Vegas. Those who wish to implement gun safety laws are more concerned by other issues such as restricting bumper stocks (which turn semi-automatic rifles into automatic machine guns even though automatic machine guns were banned from sale in 1986) and high capacity magazines. But despite this state of affairs PCG's Joel Hilliker once scare mongered of this largely exaggerated fear in his article, Beware the ‘Well-Educated Technocrats’ (November 11, 2013).

Here Hilliker is lambasting government officials he labels as "technocrats." At the time the presidency was held by a member of the Democratic Party and true to PCG's political stance towards the right they tended to condemn that political party.
These are the people who believe that monitoring the digital communications of all citizens is essential. They believe we’re only safe if they are the only ones with guns.
Who proposed that only the government should have guns? No one. What kind of guns is he referring to? All firearms? Does this include include pistols and hunting rifles? Or do such restrictions only apply to semi-automatic machine guns? He does not say. But these words make people fear that they might lose all their guns when in fact this fear s largely unfounded.


Also Hilliker's article also states that a certain congressman (who is now currently a senator) had given a presentation at PCG's Armstrong Auditorium back on October 31, 2013. This article was mentioned in a previous post.

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  1. One thing is constant. PCG will always seize upon the latest news, exaggerate it, extrapolate it, and exploit it in an effort to recruit and entrap hapless and fearful types into their church.

    It is amazing to me that a church that is supposed to be composed of pacifists (ambassadors for Christ from a future kingdom, conscientious objectors to military service) would take the viewpoints and tone that PCG and other ACOGs do. You'd think they'd be writing articles about beating all the guns into plowshares. That would be indicative of consistency of their beliefs with their actual practices. But, their scare-mongering has probably convinced they themselves that members will need firearms to use in the race wars that they prophesy will soon break out. This is the natural result when one's religious approach is that of fear.

    The NRA is frequently far more balanced than liberals give them credit for. They have come out against bump stock in recent days. People who know what they are doing have always been easily able to turn an AR or AK into a fully automatic weapon. Up until Vegas, bump stock was considered to be a novelty item in the gun industry, primarily something to assist the handicapped in the use of assault weapons. Now everyone knows about this accessory, and that it can constitute an end run around the laws that make machine guns illegal for other than military personnel to own. I feel sure that bump stock will soon be made illegal, consistent with the machine gun laws.

    Also, the public does not realize one very important fact. If ISIS can radicalize people to be their soldiers for the purpose of domestic terrorism, that means that other groups with other causes could also follow that same model. What is to prevent a multi-billionaire from untraceably paying or grooming radicals to create incidents to manipulate the public towards the billionaire's visions or political views? Organized crime has funded the education of brilliant students, grooming them to become mob lawyers. The CIA and FBI have also used this same recruitment technique. What is to keep the rich and powerful from doing the same?