Saturday, April 11, 2009

CGI: The New Addition to the Alphabet Soup

So WCG finally did it. They changed their name. As Joseph Tkach Jr. has stated.

Reactions have been very diverse. I recall J's blog in the old Shadows of WCG blog calling for a name change to accurately reflect the dramatic changes that have occurred. Gavin Rumney and J have called for WCG to embrace democracy, viewing the name change as merely cosmetic. Russell Miller also views it as just a cosmetic change. AggieAtheist has expressed outrage that WCG thinks they can just forget the past. LCG apologist Bob Thiel is glad WCG has chosen to further disassociate themselves from their Armstrongite past. More reactions may be seen here courtesy of AggieAtheist.

Now as mentioned before my involvement with Armstrongism was somewhat distant, so I am will bring to attention a little thing here.

Now WCG can do whatever they want with their name. But...My word! Now we all have to learn another acronym! Just imagine what Wikipedia will have to say now. 'In 1995 20,000 people left WCG (now renamed Grace Communion International) to form UCGia.' Every time WCG will get mentioned it will have to be patiently explained that they are now called Grace Communion International.

And so the alphabet soup gets a bit larger.


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  2. Thank you. I've added the link you provided into the blog. Thank you for linking to me. It is much appreciated. And I also corrected one of my links thanks to your comment. Thank you again.

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  4. OK. They are fixed now. They should work now. Thank you, Purple Hymnal, for caring enough to point out these flaws to me.