Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is LCG a High Demand Group?

Some of the Armstrongite groups are referred to as high demand groups. Is this really the case?

Meredith has released another co-worker letter (April 21). Perhaps this letter will provide insights to this question.

Near the end of this letter the following is written:
As a member or co-worker with Christ, you are part of what God may consider to be “the most important activity on this earth today.” Jesus Christ commanded, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33).
Notice how he emphasizes the "you", he is trying to inflate the vanity of the co-workers and members he is addressing.

The inclusion of a Bible verse serves to further legitimize his authority and is used to convince the believer that the Bible is on Meredith's side.

By saying that preaching Armstrongism is the most important activity in the world he hopes to convince the reader to make the Organization the reader's first priority in life. He drives home this message in the last paragraph. My comments are in brackets. Words in red are my emphasis.

Your earnest Bible study, your fervent prayers, your generous support of the Work [paying the three tithes which are never mentioned on TV, or in the recruitment writings or even in the co-worker letters] which the living Christ [allegedly] is using to proclaim His Truth [recruitment] and to teach increasing thousands of people to actually practice His Government [loaded term meaning to submit to the Organization led by Meredith] and so prepare themselves for “kingship” in the coming Government of God [how can one prepare to rule if he or she is simply required to be "submissive" in a dictatorial organization?]—all of this results in you, personally, “laying up treasure” in heaven.

[Here Meredith is trying to give the reader an implanted perception in which the follower feels good for helping the Organization, usually by paying three tithes and required extra offerings. Such a person will often feel that this is a spontaneous feeling. In reality this person feels this way because he or she was told to feel this way, and this person trusts the group leader, Meredith. Such a person does not fully understand that while tithing.]

And it should give you a sense of meaning and purpose for your entire life.

[So if one should ever discover the truth that Armstrongism is a fraud it feels as though your "entire life" is falling apart.]

It [aiding the Organization and following their prescribed rituals] should permeate your thoughts, your hopes and dreams, your speech and every part of your life as you grow, through God’s help, to become more like Jesus Christ in every way. May God help each of you to understand and to become more involved in seeking first the Kingdom of God.

[This is a perfect example of "Doctrine over Person", one of Lifton's Eight Criteria for Thought Reform.]
This exposes Meredith's Living Church of God as a high-demand group that compels members to live under unreasonably excessive demands.

These are evidences that LCG is a high demand group that cause members to give up too much of their individuality in favor of ideals that serve to benefit the leadership and increase loyalty to the Organization, which in this case is a one man dictatorship. Such an Organization needs to be avoided.

LCG is a high demand group.


  1. I totally agree. It is.

    And it bears a striking resemblance to the high-demand group at Shiloh whose glorious leader was Frank Sanford.
    Read up on this guy. It's spooky how closely the OWCG actually comes to replicating this guy's cult. By extension, that similarity blankets all of the splinters of OWCG.

    People who think HWA or Rod Merideth or [insert name here] are the only "end time Elijah" or the only "one true church" or whatever you may have, should pay special attention.
    I hope you, the reader, allow yourself to see that your glorious leader is only doing what legion 'glorious leaders' have done in the past. Your one true church is by no means the first 'only pathway to God'. They won't be the last. There is nothing special about the COGs in this regard. PLEASE read the book "Churches That Abuse"

    All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

  2. Redfox,
    you quoted 126 words of Mr Meredith. You added 162 words of your own into the body of his paragraphs.
    The words YOU added are most definitely designed to lead and guide the thoughts of your reader.

    Methinks it is YOU who is into thought control.

  3. First, I would like to thank xHWA, for his comments. Ron Enroth(author of "Churches That Abuse") and I once exchanged emails. He finally had to give up fighting the cults, after cardiac bypass surgery.
    Thought control is a definite characteristic of those who tend to be against criticism of it. Must have been difficult counting all those words Paris.
    Methinks that you may still have a problem with critical thinking outside the old guard box?