Monday, April 13, 2009

"[WCG] Wanted to Suppress Mr. Armstrong's Teachings"

By the way, while I reading Chapter 17 of Raising the Ruins for my last blog I noticed these words, under the heading 'The Ad Campaign'. (Emphasis mine.)
they [WCG] wanted to suppress Mr. Armstrong’s teachings.
Is that really true? Was WCG trying to suppress HWA's teachings?

Look at what Stephen Flurry himself wrote in the last paragraph, 'They [WCG lawyers] said that while the PCG is free to believe [Mystery of the Ages]’s teachings, we could not go so far as to publish it. To do that, we would have to come up with our “own original expression of the ideas.”'

What is so unreasonable about that demand?

LCG made their own writings , UCGia made their own writings, RCG made their writings, CGI (Garner Ted Armstrong's first sect) made their own writings. None of them demanded to use HWA's own writings which were owned by WCG.

All WCG was asking was that PCG simply do what all these other sects were doing. They were not trying to 'suppress HWA's teachings'.

They were not trying to prevent PCG from expressing their religion or preaching it to others. WCG simply wanted them to stop publishing a book that they owned.

So we see then that WCG was not trying to suppress HWA's teachings. In their own church, yes, but not in the other COGs.

Those words '[WCG] wanted to suppress Mr. Armstrong’s teachings' are nothing more than misleading polemic, inaccurate inflammatory rhetoric.

Would a true man of God allow himself to say something that is obviously not true?

Is Stephen Flurry even paying attention to what he is writing?

TELL THE TRUTH!! For crying out loud!

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  1. "What is truth?" -Pilot (JOHN 18: 38)

    I sympathize with your frustrations, RedFox. Seriously.
    I have wished and hoped and prayed that these black holes would just tell the truth. Sadly, their deeds are done in the dark, as it were. And we all know what that means!

    They will not tell the truth because it would expose their deeds and ruin their empires. The problem is holistic - from head to toe. And what's more than that, I think the greatest part is that there is little actual truth in them to tell, because there is little that is actually from God in them. Because what, indeed, is truth, afterall?

    "Your word is Truth." -Christ (JOHN 17: 17)