Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu and COG Prophecy

There is a new swine flu virus spreading that is gaining international attention.

I just cringe to think of how the various Armstrongite false prophets of doom are going to use this. They will point to this say "DISEASE EPIDEMICS!!" with great emphasis.

When the COGs shout and holler that the disease epidemics are coming should we take them seriously? Will those listening in fear at their proclamations be aware of their previous predictions?

Look at HWA and his followers' previous predictions concerning disease epidemics.

"17) April 1956 PT by Hoeh: "Disease epidemics threaten US in 2 years" [, p. 3.]

"120) August 1957 PT: Another old favorite still with us today. Roderick Meredith: "at the conclusion of the drought and floods we are now just beginning to suffer this nation is going to be punished by horrifying DISEASE EPIDEMICS - plagues." When? He approvingly cites a 1956 Plain Truth title: 'Disease Epidemics Threaten USA in Two Years!" Clearly, 1958 was meant. Meredith continued, "In addition to those warnings ...we will soon find that hoof-and-mouth disease will spread COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!" [The quotes may be seen on page 5.] The only thing that spread out of control, then and the next 40 years, was the disease of his own big mouth."

(Incidentally his article is entitled "America, Wake Up!" which is very similar to Wake Up, America! in the January-February 2000 issue of Tomorrow's World. Another case of recycled words?, or rather recycled title-though slightly altered-in this particular case?)

These prophecies were used to scare people fifty years ago. No such disease epidemics occurred then. Their word failed to come to pass.

Also I wonder if any of them will emphasize that according to HWA's prophetic framework those catastrophic epidemics can only occur after the wars and famines before the Great Tribulation? It is taught that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are symbols of prophetic events that, as far as I understand it, occur in order. So, in COG understanding, the first Horseman is false Christianity (everyone else not linked to HWA) trying to convert the world, the second is war, the third is famine, and the fourth is the disease epidemics. These are to occur in order.

According to COG prophetic framework the great disease epidemics can only reach their fulfillment after the great preliminary wars that occur before the Great Tribulation and the great famines. They cannot come before then. Any disease epidemics occurring before those two events cannot be legitimately used by any COG as a fulfillment of their prophecies. Until the wars and famines come as they been mercilessly preaching at us for more than fifty years no disease epidemic can be legitimately used as a fulfillment of their understanding of prophecy.

So even if this disease did reach apocalyptic proportions (which I do not believe will occur) it still would not fulfill HWA's prophetic framework because it came too early before the supposed preliminary wars and famine. There is no need for us to cling to some prophets who fellow a false prophet.

Clearly God is not talking to them. We have no need to fear their scare-mongering. Their words fail. There is no need to be scared and render ourselves dependent on them. God is not with them, we must do likewise.

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