Sunday, April 5, 2009

From the Beginning-A Call for Totalitarianism

During my brief encounter with PCG I heard Gerald Flurry asserting that the Apostle John had written a spectacular revelation in his Epistles, but the original church had not seen it but (guess who?) Flurry had. He reveals this 'revelation' in the 1996 booklet From the Beginning, the TV program breathlessly informed me.

Intrigued I got myself a copy of the booklet. However I found it utterly unreadable and I was unable to reach the end. I was only able to get into the middle of Chapter 2, and there are four chapters to go through. This reminds me of when John Trechak wrote these words in AR 54 February 1994, 'we don't plan any further detailed studies of his writings. The reason for that is simple - reading his "literature" gives us a headache.' Amen to that! (See also Ambassador Report on Gerald Flurry.) It was the only booklet they sent me that I did not read in its entirely. When I decided not to associate with PCG anymore I saw no point in trying to read it, but I still kept it. This booklet is still available and is still distributed today.

Then much later I renounced Armstrongism. This caused me to become a bit reflective about what had happened. So I decided to try and read the booklet again.

What I read there horrified me.
Satan's nature PERMEATES HUMAN INTELLECT AND HUMAN REASONING. We cannot TRUST OUR OWN MINDS. (p. 50). [This explains why PCG members do not leave despite the many absurdities that occur within PCG.]

There will be no STRANGERS ruling in the God Family. We cannot disagree on MAJOR ISSUES like God's Family government today AND STILL EXPECT TO RULE WITH THAT GOVERNMENT IN GOD'S FUTURE WORLD!...Remember, we are the bride of Christ. We must be in deep harmony with our Husband. ...Unless our fellowship is with the Father and Son, we are just another group not the bride of Jesus Christ. (p. 52).

If we cannot accept this most basic and important doctrine of all -- government -- we cannot fellowship with the Father and Christ. (p. 53)

The Father and Christ have never had a serious disagreement....It is not natural for man to submit to this government. It's very unnatural. (p. 54).

'So God usually refers to His government as Father and Son. (p. 55).
In p. 52 Flurry calls for his followers to be in 'deep harmony' with God. To the unsuspecting reader this seems a rather typical statement from a religious writer. However Gerald Flurry says that God is working through him. Could God be working elsewhere? Gerald Flurry says that God worked through Herbert W. Armstrong also and therefore God could only be working through HWA or his followers. So all the other non-Armstrongite Christians (Catholics, Sunday-keeping Protestants) cannot offer one a way to God. But PCG members are also required to shun any former or current member of HWA's WCG or members of any other Armstrongite group unless they are a member of PCG. This even applies to close family members. More can be seen here. This shows that PCG believe that God is not working through the other Armstrongite groups or the Tkachite WCG. So all the other Armstrongites cannot offer one a way to God. This means that PCG believes that God is working only through PCG. This actually mean that to be in deep harmony with God actually means to be in deep harmony with Flurry. 'God's Family Government' actually means the Government of Flurry.

Stripped of its confusing jargon this booklet is nothing more than a crass call for totalitarianism, for unquestioning obedience to PCG. It idolatrously places Flurry's PCG between the believer and the Lord above.

Because he is said to be God's only representative today PCG members are required to be in deep harmony with Flurry, so deep this horror story can happen on this false prophet's whim. And, rest assured, he is just a false prophet of which Jesus warned us about. 'Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.' (Matthew 7:15)

You can read From the Beginning online but, to any reader who is not familiar with them, please be aware be aware that this is a Bible-based mind control cult that seeks to devour people's lives and wallets (courtesy of the Three Tithes) like the ravening wolves they are.

May all involved in PCG one day be free of this cult, just like this man who went into PCG because relatives of his received unsolicited writings from PCG.

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  1. I think it strange that any of the Armstrongite or other COG breakoffs want to call themselves "in harmony with Christ," since they want to take His name out of their version of the Gospel, and replace it with HWA or some other twilight guru.
    There is no love and no faith in God in the systems that have come out of the past WCG. They lop heads over trivial issues that have no bearing on salvation.
    The ministry and those who call themselves teachers have no skills or training in counseling those with unmet needs, much less the empathy it takes to identify with those needs.