Saturday, June 12, 2010

250 Christian Families Ordered To Be Expelled From Village No. 123/10R, Katcha Khoh, Pakistan

I am somewhat reluctant to mention this terrible, shocking and very disturbing story but evil loves silence so I won't be quiet about this.

When we think of persecuted Christians we often think about ancient Rome, but it still happens today.

In village No. 123/10R, Katcha Khoh, Pakistan the town leaders have ordered all the Christians there to leave town after four Christian men 'sternly confronted' the majority Muslim community over sexual harassment of Christian women.

These persecuted Christians dare not complain to the police, fearing the police may arrest them for blasphemy.


  1. When I used to think of persecuted Christians, it was always "so and so lost their job because of the Feast." (Not so persecuted in comparison.)
    These people you report on here were neither on the radar nor Christian. I never heard of these things, it wasn't reported, nor did I think to look for them. If I had, no doubt I would only conclude they were reaping the wrath of Satan which they deserved because of their rebellion towards the Sabbath and the laws. :O
    (Of course, I mean that only from an Armstrongist perspective, which is no longer my perspective by any means.)

  2. A part of me wonder why these things are not reported or commented upon more often. I first became aware of how Christians are persecuted in many countries thanks to one or two articles in the Reader's Digest. So I was vaguely aware that these things did happen out there.

    I remember one time I was watching BBC World and they said they were going to have a report about the persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia. I don't remember the specifics but something unexpected happened on the show and they had to abandon that segment.

    Today, thanks to the Internet there are websites that detail these events. Voice of the Martyrs, ASSIST News, Open Doors, etc.

    I want more people to be aware of these sad things, therefore I use this blog to let people know these things are happening.

    Why is it that these things are not mentioned more often? It is impossible for me to reach a firm conclusion and I do not wish to indulge in possibly inaccurate speculation here. But on this blog I plan to do my little bit to make people aware of these things.

    Although I will say I think mainstream Christians are quite aware of these things. Sometimes I go into churches that have a few books in their possession and every now and then I see a book about this sort of thing, like I Dared to call Him Father, Tortured for Christ, etc. I remember going into one church that had a book about Christians in China written in the mid 1970s and thinking to myself, 'Wow. This book was written when the Chinese church was all but driven underground. Today Christianity in China seems to be thriving. So that book was written when it was impossible to foresee such a development.'

    So they are aware but I am uncertain why the rest of society seem less aware of these matters.