Saturday, June 12, 2010

Encounters with HWA's Books In The Flesh

In a public library I saw that it held hardback copies of Mystery of the Ages and The Missing Dimension in Sex by HWA. I even took Mystery of the Ages out once.

Once I was looking among some second hand books and I saw a hardback copy of Mystery of the Ages. I also saw a copy of Alexander Hyslop's The Two Babylon, a book which HWA used often.

Those are the only times I have seen HWA books physically.


  1. Would you like to buy it? I have HWA's autobiography too. Discount price.

  2. I also have seen MOA in several libraries that I visit. I have cards to several different libraries in different states and towns.

    I often wonder if the librarian noticed that HWA claimed it to be "the most important book since the Bible"? of course I cannot remove it, any more than I can remove those about Mormonsim, or the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    It is a free country, and these religious charlatans can deceive all who are willing to listen. You are only free if you choose to question anyone who makes claims to be "the only true church"

  3. Do you mind my asking what's your connection with Armstrongism? I've been reading your blog for a while and always assumed you were an ex member of his church. But now you say you hadn't seen a print copy of his work before those library encounters, I'm confused ...

  4. Gledwood,

    I was a follower of LCG from 2000 till 2008.

    I saw them on tv, read their stuff, and soon became absolutely convinced that they were truly God's people.

    I never actually joined them. Once I contacted one of LCG's ministers to enter but he rejected me because I did not realize that I had to let him visit me before I could attend.

    So I never attended their services or was baptized by them but I extensive read the COGs' writings so was very familiar with their teachings.

    In 2008 I finally woke up and realized that there was no way that HWA could possibly have been a servant of God.

    What convinced me not to listen to HWA was the many false prophecies he taught, that Jesus would return in 1936, the end of World War II, 1975, by 2005, etc.

    He also practiced an immoral lifestyle and acted as a cruel dictator to his loyal followers.

    After renouncing Armstrongism I read all I could about it from non-followers since I rarely read such things while I was an Armstrongite. There were things I knew, particularly about LCG, that I did not see stated anywhere else so I decided to write this blog to share what I knew.

    Hope that clear things up.


  5. As I recall, part of the promotional campaign for MOA in 1985-86 involved providing copies to public libraries.

    It was sold in bookstores during that time as well, for those who simply were not the type to order books from a church.

    As I'm sure you're aware, Gerald Flurry offers copies of MOA (paperback, I assume) on his telecast several times a year.

  6. I was also surprised when you said you hadn't seen them before. I thought everyone in the vicinity of Armstrongism (under its many forms) had seen these books. ;-)

    Anyway, I just created a blog on Armstrongism which you might also like to follow:

  7. I'd read those writings on the Internet. Just about everything produced by HWA's WCG has been posted online. But aside from those moment I had not seen HWA's works in physical form.