Monday, June 14, 2010

Sun Myung Moon's Young Ambassadors

Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, a religious movement often denounced as a Christian-based cult (see some of their peculiar heresies explained here) have their own performing band similar to WCG's Young Ambassadors: namely the Little Angels. Currently the Little Angels, young girls who perform dances on stage, are conducting a sixteen nation tour starting in the USA to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the Korean War. Their performance has incited some Koreans to protest over these concerts because of Moon's connection to them. (Hat tip to Scoobie Davis.)

Sun Myung Moon has his own version of WCG's Young Ambassadors. Currently his various front organizations are leading a tour of concerts by the Little Angels.

These Little Angels seem very similar to what WCG's Young Ambassadors.


  1. Thanks Red Fox. Hope you could read the comment above, because maybe it is in tongues? LOL.

    Anyway, being a full blooded Korean, is to the Moonies, what being a Jew is to the Hebrew sacred namers. IOW the only true people of their version of 'god.'

    This is explained on the Steve Hassan video link that I think I sent to you in the past, on "The Strategic Interaction Approach."

  2. RF,

    Hover your mouse over the kanji characters in the first comment above - DO NOT click!!, look at the bottom of the browser and see where those hyper-links lead to. There are several different ones, and they're probably not what you would want sitting on your site.

  3. I'm sorry that spam popped up here. I might have to impose comment moderation upon this blog to stop that spam coming up here.

  4. These Little Angels seem very similar to what WCG's Young Ambassadors.

    .... or similar to the PCG Young Ambassadors today?!