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Darrell W. Conder and the Lie of 'Judaeo-Communism'

One of the most hateful and vicious lies spread to demonize the Jewish people is the accusation that Jews were the cause of Marxist Leninist Communism. It is repeated by countless anti-Semites. Some of the anti-Communists in Russia chose to blame the Russian Revolution on the Jews. Defeated by the Bolsheviks the haters spread this lie all over the world. This lie portrayed Soviet Communism as simply a front created by Jews to seize control of the world.

Darrell W. Conder, who denies Christ, has accepted a form of this lie. In his Personal Message he accuses the Jews of bearing responsibility for causing the Bolshevik Coup.

"Of the top four hundred leaders of the Russian Revolution, virtually all were Jews, including Vladimir Illyich Lenin himself."

This is an absurd charge which is no doubt based upon anti-Semites long held accusation that Jews are responsible for the rise of Communism. What about Feliks Dzerzhinsky? The founder of the Cheka, who was born from a Polish noble family? What about the Latvian Guards? Their loyalty to the Bolsheviks played an extremely instrumental role in securing the Bolsheviks' powers through all the obstacles of the Russian Civil War. What about the Chinese solldiers who served under the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War?

This also ignores the fact that many Jews were affiliated with other political movements such as the Mensheviks, who strived to create a truly democratic society, various strands of Zionism. And of course the Bolsheviks were militantly Atheist, so all the religious Jews would be unable to participate with them.

But these facts will mean nothing to those who are drunk upon the lie of 'Judaeo-Communism.'

This is not the only place where he revives the infamous accusation that Jews caused Communism. Observe what he writes in his November 2009 commentary. Here Conder is condemning some some of the American religious right have chosen to support Israel. Here he is saying that originally Christians did not much care for Jews but that the Holocaust (which he does not believe in) alledgedly charged all that. (Emphasis is mine.):
Eighty years ago the average American Christian had little if any use for Jews. I know, because by the time I came along the attitude had not changed much....their personal reputation was not much more than that of common street thugs—as it had been for centuries in this nation and abroad. [What about Einstein?]
But then came the "Holocaust." European Christians, as well as American Christians—because they allegedly stood by and did nothing—had the blood of "six million" dead Jews on their hands. Forget the other 100 million or so other people who were murdered in the 20th century by despots like Lenin & Stalin, the Christian owed world Jewry big time for the "Holocaust"—for "six million" dead, a number that has been long discredited as ridiculously high. [Nonsense. But that is another topic.]
Note how he positions the italicized statement. He discusses the Holocaust which he does not believe in, then brings up Soviet Communism. Why? Why does Conder seem to think that the atrocities of Communism somehow invalidates what the Nazis did to the Jews? There is an unspoken thought in here. It is this:

Conder is blaming the Jews for creating Communism.

Combined with his previous absurd statement that "Of the top four hundred leaders of the Russian Revolution, virtually all were Jews, including Vladimir Illyich Lenin himself" it is difficult for me come to another conclusion. Conder knows this is an outrageous charge which truth loving people hate so he mentions it obliquely, hoping critics will miss what he means.

It is the myth of Judaeo-Communism which Conder refers to when he called Israel "Marxist" as seen in his February 2008 commentary which was highlighted last post. He has accepted some part of the horrid 'Judaeo-Communism' lie.

Also worth mentioning is his June 2009 commentary in which he asserts that Hate Crimes legislation is just an attempt by Jews to stifle criticism and suppress free thought. Observe how he brings up Lenin and Stalin and, combined with his previously cited accusation that most Bolshevik leaders were Jews, it strongly appears that he blames the Jews for Communism.
If you're like me, nowadays you seldom bother to turn on the "news" or glance at a "news" paper. What's the use? Those of us with an ounce of gray matter have long ago figured out that America's "news" is all cleverly-devised programming to keep the masses mooing in unison by a nameless, faceless but well-organized insidious enemy [He means Jews] that is steadily bringing this nation to the edge of its own grave. We also understand that this finely-tweaked programming has been so effective that the only thing left to do before pulling the plug is to mop up a few minor problems—primarily mopping up those Americans who are still infected with the disease of independent thought.

Okay, I'll grant you that the disease of free thought isn't, of itself, necessarily dangerous. As long as one keeps their thoughts and opinions to themselves, the illness isn't contagious. The danger is when one opens their mouth. When this happens, the Manual of Politically-Correct Behavior specifically warns that the disease rapidly becomes epidemic and is particularly prone to mutation. Yes, there is a cure. The most effective was formulated by Vladimir Lenin and pal Joe Stalin when they stopped the infection by murdering some 60+ million Russians, Ukranians, Latvians, Georgians, Lithuanians, Poles, Czechs, and other assorted people with functional brains. Over in China Chairman Mao followed Lenin's example and all but eliminated the disease by bleeding his nation long and hard. However, these men got a handle on the disease because they wielded life-and-death dictatorial powers.
This hateful fantasy has been the cause of much grief for the Jewish people, and it is sad that Darrell W. Conder has chosen to use his free will to spread this monstrous and contemptible lie.

Post-script: What started Zionism was not the Holocaust but the Dreyfus Trial and Russian pogroms in the 1890s-1900s.

Also did you observe the annoying way Conder pretty much ignored any mention of the Nazis?

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