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Darrell W. Conder The Anti-Semite

I have been extremely reluctant to address Conder here because I did want to promote his hateful ideas. Many of you involved with the COGs will know him as a man who passionately denounced the New Testament and tried to destroy peoples' faith in Christ, but I will discuss him in the hope that someone will find this information helpful. Maybe someone out there who had come under his influence before will find it profitable to know what I know about his present day teachings.

He is also a passionate denouncer of the Bible. He often uses lurid and distressing rhetoric to make people feel guilty about Christianity in order to destroy their faith in Christ. He well understands how effective the problem of evil can be in destroying peoples' faith in higher authorities.

But unlike most other atheists/agnostics however he currently teaches some ideas that most people, I am sure, would find, at best bizarre, at worst truly hateful.

I see hardly anyone has brought attention to these ideas that he now teaches, so I will.

When he renounced any form of Christianity around 1997 he originally advocated for a form of pseudo-Judaism. He used many of the ideological tools used by Atheists/Agnostics to discredit the New Testament. His arguments were discussed by UCG minister Eric Snow in Is Christianity a Fraud? Later Conder renounced the Old Testament as well and now spreads many hateful teachings that have often been used by anti-Semitic haters to demonize Jews.

We shall explore some of those hateful teachings in the next few posts. But first here is a little taste of what to expect in the next few posts. I shall discuss them in more detail later. On his web site he promises to lead us to sanity. We are about to discover what 'sanity' looks like in his strange world. He,
  • Teaches absurd and offensive Holocaust Revisionism.
  • Demonizes the Talmud.
  • Accuses the Jews of controlling the media, judiciary, publishing, banking today.
  • Accuses the Jews of inventing Marxist Leninist Communism.
  • Teaches that Jews are actually Turkic Khazars so he can accuse them of being false Jews.
  • Teaches there is a conspiracy to create a 'new world order' led by a sinister cabal of Jews.
  • And seems to believe that the unfolding of this conspiracy will, unless stopped, cause das ende, the destruction of the entire world.
Most of these are ridiculous and paranoid ideas have often been spread by anti-Semites to demonize Jews.

Here are some of his writings. They clearly show his extreme, unhinged bias against Jews. Emphases are made to show his hateful anti-Semitic statements.

Anti-Semitic Jewish/Zionist World Conspiracy Theory
"For eight years America and the world suffered at the hands of an American president who thought God was talking to him—conveniently leading him into wars that were a clear part of the Israeli-New World Order agenda. Yes, he's gone; but he's been replaced by a leader whose administration is beating another war drum against Iran, also a priority on the Israeli-New World Order agenda." (November, 2009 column.)

Folks, Israel was conceived by ruthless, communistic atheist Zionists who used Old Testament prophecy as a blueprint to scam trusting Christians and Jews into believing that modern Israel's existence was "bible prophecy" being fulfilled, when in reality the founders and their successors worked behind the scenes to actually fulfill an agenda of secular world domination. No. I'm not writing about a worldwide "Jewish conspiracy" here;
[NONSENSE!! This is a Jewish World Conspiracy Theory. This is just a rhetorical trick. Why is it called 'the Israeli-New World Order agenda' as seen above? More on that later.

This also ignores the fact that Zionism was initially secular in nature. In fact religious Jews actually opposed going to the Holy Land saying only the Messiah could lead them back. It was not until the rise of Nazism that that changed. We now continue. -Redfox712.]
it's a much, much larger picture that goes way beyond ethnic consideration.

I'm writing about men and women—Jews and non-Jews—who are part of a larger group of soulless humans who have no loyalty to anything other than the vision of their new world order;
[That does not change the fact that this idea is still anti-Semitic. Anti-Semites often accuse Jews of being puppet masters, so the Jewish World Conspiracy Theory can easily be expanded to include Gentiles in the conspiracy. -Redfox712.]
I'm writing about men and women who will kill as many millions/billions as it takes to achieve their goal. I single out Israel because its founders and present leaders were/are key players in this coming new world order and because it uses ignorant trusting fundamentalist Christians and religious Jews as tools. (February, 2008 commentary.)
Alleged Jewish Control of Media:
Back when Hollywood was in its infancy [1910s-1920s], Zionists took complete control of the new motion picture industry because they recognized the tremendous potential.
[But back then Anti-Semites called them Jews, (eg., Henry Ford's The International Jew) not Zionists and made similar accusations. The following comments reveal Conder's paranoid perception of Jews. Like many Anti-Semites he teaches that Jews have great power. This is a common Anti-Semitic trope. -Redfox712.]
Never in the history of the world was a propaganda tool more powerful than motion pictures. Once in control these new self-appointed lords of public opinion recreated the Western world. Today Hollywood Zionists can truly boast that they have recreated America in their image and after their likeness." (June, 2009 commentary.)

For decades an insidious enemy [Jews/Zionists. It took me ages to realize he meant them here.-Redfox712.] has had virtual control over what America reads, hears and thinks, which they accomplished by exercising complete control over the "news" and entertainment media....the American media [is] completely owned and operated by Zionist concerns (August, 2009 commentary.)
Holocaust 'Revisionism':

Holocaust 'Revisionism' is absurd but he still teaches it.
the Holocaust is not quite the tale promoted in countless multi-million dollar Hollywood films, television productions, newspaper and magazine articles and books. Nope! Today honest scholarship and a handful of honest scholars hang over the tale of the Holocaust industry and Zionist aims like a Damocles Sword...

today an ever-growing number of brave historians are disputing the official Holocaust tale by citing documents like those from the World Centre of Contemporary Jewish Documentation in Paris which states that 1,485,292 Jews died from all causes during the Second World War. [This figure also pops up in other Holocaust 'Revisionist' writings.-Redfox712.] Indeed, some historians have found evidence that brings even that revised figure into question, and argue for a death toll dipping down to a few hundred thousand. (June 2009 column.)
Who are these "some historians"? Is he talking about the so-called Institute of Historical Research, that infamous font of Holocaust 'Revisionism,' which at one time absurdly taught that only 300,000 to 500,000 Jews died?

Demonization of the Talmud:

This idea is absurd and is often used by Anti-Semites to demonize Jews but he still teaches it.
Christianity, with its central theme of "love thy neighbors and thy enemies as thyself" would have been much less appetizing for a warrior race like the Khazars than the teachings of Judaism since, as The Jewish Encyclopedia makes clear, the Khazars were a people entirely motivated by "plunder and revenge". (Is it any coincidence that the Talmud's promotion of "plunder and revenge" has been so readily embraced by modern so-called Jews?) (The Truth About Our Judeo-Christian Heritage.)

Since [Gerald Flurry] has made numerous trips to Israel, we cannot suppose he's ignorant of life in racist, Marxist Israel where Palestinians are kept strictly segregated from Jews and treated like dogs, which of course is their defined status in the Talmud. (February, 2008 commentary.)
What a cesspool of paranoia and hatred! But we have only just begun.

There will be more on all this later.

Update: Here's one quote I feels belongs here.
Men like [John] Hagee and [Pat] Robertson are a very real threat to world peace. They are at least unknowingly serving an [Israeli-New World Order] agenda that seeks to establish a new world order—one that will relegate the suffering, destruction and death of World War II to a footnote of history. (November, 2009 commentary.)

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