Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darrell W. Conder and the Demonization of the Talmud

Darrell W. Conder, who denies Christ, accuses the Jewish Talmud of defining Gentiles as non-humans in his February 2008 commentary.
the state of Israel is perhaps the most racist, apartheid nation on earth and [Gerald] Flurry [leader of the Armstrongite offshoot, the Philadelphia Church of God, a very scary cult by the way.] doesn't bother to even hint at that fact! (If anyone doubts this statement, there are numerous websites, books, etc. devoted to the hateful racist policies of this deadly hypocritical nation. [He then cites a book critical of Israel hosted by a virulently racist web site from Australia which seems to be a racist so-called 'Christian Identity' group.])

Since Gerald has made numerous trips to Israel, we cannot suppose he's ignorant of life in racist, Marxist Israel where Palestinians are kept strictly segregated from Jews and treated like dogs, which of course is their defined status in the Talmud. [Cites a book hosted by a purportedly Muslim web site which actually devotes most of its time to promoting bizarre conspiracy theories.]
The accusation that the Talmud demonizes Gentiles is an old anti-Semitic canard that has been around for hundreds of years, before there was even a United States of America. Darrell W. Conder has chosen to revive this horrifying lie that has been used to demonize Jews.

Look at this video, Joel Kotek: Anti-Semitism in Arab Cartoons, starting at 0:22, which shows a cartoon in a Lebanese newspaper, written by a Christian cartoonist, portraying a pointed rifle from a large book, portrayed to be the Talmud, that had shot an Arab.

This is the same lie.

This is from a sermon delivered by Sheikh Khaled Rezk Taky Eldin, a Muslim cleric in Brazil. This is how he describes the motivations of Jews.

"They [the Jews] read in the Talmud that Jews are human beings, but the non-Jews are not, they are beasts. In other texts they read that gentiles are “dogs”, created to serve the Jews."

This is the same lie.

This is from the website of Church of Jesus Christ Christian as quoted in this Aryan Nations profile at Fight Hatred.com.

"The Jew is ethnocentric, that means racist, because his religion teaches him to be such."

This is the same lie.

The white supremacist extremist James Von Brunn, who murdered an African-American security guard in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. self published a book which makes the same accusation.

The Jews revere what Christians call the Old Testament, and it says 'Thou shalt not kill.' How can anyone say that Jewish law requires them to kill gentiles?

The accusation that the Talmud causes Jews to be hateful of Gentiles was a lie then. It is a lie now.

More on the absurdity of this line of attack may be seen here.

Also did you catch the contradiction in the Conder quote? One minute he talks of "racist, Marxist Israel" Wait a minute? Israel is Marxist? [More on this in this in a later post.] Then presumedly that would mean they're secular, right? Then the next minute he blames the Talmud for how Israel treats the Palestinians. So now the State of Israel is religious? Oh, how inconsistent and vague Conder can be!

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