Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cheers All About Armstrongism Blog

The All About Armstrongism blog has dissolved.

I would like to say here that I greatly enjoyed All About Armstrongism's contribution to the community of those of us making sense of our experiences with Armstrongism.

I wish to particularly praise the author for bringing to attention
  • Some of the truly callous things HWA said in some of his co-worker letters.
  • Richard David Armstrong's chilling 1957 letter ordering children to be quiet in services and threatening parents with humiliation in front of the congregation if their children was found wondering away from services.
  • Several instances in which HWA implied that Christ's return would come very soon within the pages of WCG's youth magazine.
I wish the author all the best on the journey we call life.

(Update: I also wish to compliment the author for the many enlightening cartoons that illustrated life within WCG.)

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