Sunday, March 16, 2014

WCG in 1969: "Nothing Can Stop Famine in the Mid-1970s"

Recently found this intriguing news piece from the February 1969 issue of the Plain Truth. It is intriguing not so much of what it says but or what it reveals about the mentality of the writers of the Plain Truth in 1969. 
Nothing Can Stop Famine in the Mid-1970's

By the mid-1970s, a massive famine is inevitable in the developing nations of the Far East, according to Dr. John Rock.

"There is nothing we can do" to stop it, trumpeted Dr. Rock, Clinical Professor Emeritus of Gynecology at the Harvard University Medical School.

"It's too late to stop a famine in this century; it has started already," said Dr. Rock from Boston. "Despite all the advances in agriculture and the increases in national output, the population has increased faster than the food supply." 
This is from the Plain Truth, February 1969, PDF p. 50, p. 48.

Who on earth listens to a gynecologist to listen to (inaccurate) alarmist assertions that famines will occur in the 1970s and takes them seriously? The leaders of "God's Church" producing the Plain Truth magazine. That's who.

And to think many people think of WCG before Garner Ted Armstrong's initial suspension in 1972 as a glorious utopia of people united under HWA and having far more truth than anyone else on the Earth. And their leaders at the time were foolish enough to publish something like this.

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