Monday, March 3, 2014

Regarding Crimea Crisis in Ukraine and PCG

It has been very sad to see recent events in the Ukraine. I think the Russian government has been irresponsible in making Russian forces seizing the Crimea away from Kiev's authority. They seem to say that it is not a foreign occupation but it is very hard to see how anyone else could believe this. I so earnestly hope that war will not result. 

As terrible as this is I will say again that Gerald Flurry did not anticipate this. When Russia persuaded (now ex-)President Yanukovych decided to abandon closer ties with the EU and look towards Russia Gerald Flurry sort this was a sign of how powerful Putin was. He even proclaimed him to be the Prince of Rosh mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

Flurry did not anticipate that the people of Ukraine would rise up in a popular uprising that overthrew the Yanukovych regime. The fact that the Ukrainian people overthrew Yanukovych shows how weak the Putin government's hold over Ukraine was. The fact that the Russian government has decided to seize control of the Crimea shows how fearful they are at losing influence and control over territory they regard as their within sphere of influence. They are attacking out of sense of weakness.

Also Russia seems to be facing diplomatic isolation for this irresponsible act. AlsoRussia's economy has taken a severe hit because of this irresponsible act.
1) The Russian benchmark stock index, the MICES, is down 10% or more (it has been down as much as 11.2% earlier today), the biggest drop in at least five years (depending on the close).
2) The Russian ruble reached all time lows against the euro and the dollar. To prop it up the Russian central bank—on a "temporary" basis—raised interest rates 1.5%, from 5.5 to 7.0%, and spent $10 billion toward the same end. This will significantly hamper growth in Russia unless they lower those rates fast.
3) Shares of the corporation Gazprom, the Russian Federation's gas monopoly, are also down 10%.
4) The yield the Russian government has to pay on its state bonds is near a record high.
5) Foreign capital reserves for Russia are at a multi-year low. (Source from Forbes.)
Will PCG mention these facts in their coverage of their crisis? Or will they simply stoke up fear of war as much as possible in order to keep PCG members fearful of Russia in order to distract from the abuses of power so many PCG members suffer from their leaders?

Recently PCG has published an anonymously written article with this lead.
Vladimir Putin is exposing Europe as a feeble, disunited lightweight. Yet the Trumpet continues to forecast that the Continent will soon unite to become the world’s most powerful and frightening superpower. Are we wrong?
Yes. PCG is very wrong in this manner.

They are unimaginatively continuing to follow HWA's dogma that a European superpower will destroy the USA. HWA taught this from the 1930s onwards. At first he said Mussolini would destroy the US, then he said it was Hitler, then after 1945 he said Hitler survived and would later destroy the US, then he gave that idea up but continued to say Germany would lead Europe into destroy the US by 1972, then he abandoned that date after his 1972-5 prophecy failed. He was always wrong that Europe would do this.

If anything this crisis will cause the US and the EU to be closer to each other, contrary to PCG's dogma that the EU and the US will become mortal enemies.

Gerald Flurry and Co. will use this crisis to make glorify themselves in order to continuing exploiting PCG members. It must be said here that the leaders of PCG's are not prophets and they have little idea of what will happen. And Gerald Flurry is absolutely wrong about Vladimir Putin being the Prince of Rosh.

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